PC Zone previews Dead Space

Dead Space is a bit like Event Horizon, placing you on a ship, the USG Ishimura, that's currently floating dead in space, its crew apparently deceased and its engines offline.

As for how it plays, well the initial touchstone here is Resident Evil 4, with its over-the-shoulder camera, that same inexorably slow turning circle as you bring a foe into your sights and some brilliantly unexpected scripted sequences when something grabs hold of your leg/neck/face and refuses to let go.

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Zhuk3764d ago

This game is looking to be a surprise hit this year, I personally am keeping a close eye on this one. EA is trying really hard to pick their game up and produce some great titles which is respectable

sak5003764d ago

I read teh preview of this game in game informer a couple of issues back. Sounds/looks like true horror game ala The original alien movie.

Rusted3762d ago

Totally, need some horror stories. Urgently.