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Joystiq: "Darksiders 2 elicits forgiveness in its weakest moments. There's a lingering sting to every stumble, and a constant yearning for just a bit more polish here and there, but the game's tremendous vision and heartening sense of adventure give it an unbreakable foundation."

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partycrasher1012251d ago

Several issues I have had while playing darksiders 2:

jumping onto horizontal beams death tends to ignore them and fall into the pit below.

finicky camera controls while in combat.

inefficient evasion control. (even timing evade well can result in getting your face smashed in. I would like block back please.)

side quest tracking is never specific, it will point you to the dungeon but from there its up to you to figure out where to go.

when climbing its very easy to make a mistake and jump off in the wrong direction.

Dust has no idea where hes going. (numerous occasions I would follow Dust just to have him turn around and back track to where I previously was)

Having to choose between equipment. (I wanted to shoot the boss but Gripped my way into him instead.)

I have only played through the Forge Lands and made my way into the tree of death so far, so this list is probably incomplete with problems I am yet to be faced with. But as I have seen the game so far I would rate it no more then a 6.5/10