Sony "Stopped a Number of Games Last Year", Allowed Remember Me to Become Multiplatform

Sony’s gamescom conference might have been jam-packed with game reveals and announcements, but it could have been better – the company stopped production on “a number of games last year”.

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dbjj120882286d ago

Woah. Looks like a bit of a loss on their part. Sony does love the exclusives though. I wonder if they tend to pay a little money early on, just in case they want to back away a lot?

Abash2286d ago

It makes sense as we are heading towards the very end of this gen

doctorstrange2286d ago

Then they shouldn't have started them in the first place.

Side note - good show to Sony for giving Dontnod IP rights, sadly some pubs don't do that even after a project is cancelled.

Abash2286d ago


They probably werent very far along at all and no big losses, as you can see a game like Puppeteer wast even stopped and The Last Guardian is still being developed

morganfell2286d ago Show
MaxXAttaxX2286d ago

I didn't see much gameplay aside from some climbing.

SilentNegotiator2285d ago

It's business; ultimately, not everything can come through. You need resources here, a lesser important project here HAS resources....

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forevercloud30002286d ago

I am pretty sure this probably had something to do with the fact the game was suppose to be an RPG, PS3's rival to Mass Effect in fact. I am thinking this is what Sony originally wanted from them, but then Sony got ME2 and 3, the gen got too far along, etc.

The game seems to borrow a lot from other series such as Uncharted and Heavy Rain....which Sony has no use for a game that competes with their own really.

I wish it was still an RPG tho :/

miyamoto2286d ago

"a bit of a loss on their part"
I don't think so...
actually the game does not fit with their new campaign: games for the younger gamers.

Look at Puppeteer & Rain they are meant for kids.

And they are focusing on Japan Studio now which is good, very good! I criticized Mr. Yoshida on Twitter for the lack of original Japan Studio exclusive games. And now they are delivering.

doctorstrange2285d ago

"Look at Puppeteer & Rain they are meant for kids."

We looking at the same games?

LiViNgLeGaCY2285d ago

I agree with Puppeteer,(though it looks appealing to me as well) but Rain? I don't see that being geared towards kids at all.

Christopher2285d ago

Doesn't feel like a loss to me. It feels like the gamers got more out of it.

And, Sony can't fund every game that gets worked on. They stop games every year. So does Microsoft and Nintendo. It's part of the business and it can be harsh if you know you're working on something great but it's not feasible at that time.

As I said, looks like the gamers win on this one because they were able to re-obtain the IP rights and keep on going with a new (and possibly better) publisher for their game.

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doctorstrange2286d ago

Ugh, hopefully they were either a) crap games or b) 2nd party so they can go multiplat.

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Bobets2286d ago

If those canned games are just a bunch of PSmove casual/shovelware garbage then its all good. Use the money to fund a game project that is actually worth doing so(get away 3 or a new Siphon filter for ps3 PLZ!!!) =D

palaeomerus2286d ago

That's what I was thinking.

-MD-2286d ago

Not a big loss for Sony considering they've been crushing Microsoft in the exclusive department for a good 3 years now.

I'm pretty happy about Remember Me going multi though, I definitely want to play that on PC.

thebudgetgamer2286d ago

Sometimes I look at your comments and think, who are you and what have you done with our -MD-.


ZoyosJD2285d ago

Why aren't you always this reasonable.

I guess having one bubble does something for you (but I wouldn't dare give you another as it might ruin the fun).

Truthfully, I think the general situation sucks because new and original projects are being pushed aside in funding or resousces.

I love my milk and all, but there is nothing like diving into an engrossing new world.

*walks away from girl under bridge*

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