Top 5 Must Own Xbox Accessories

"If you are a hardcore or casual gamer on Xbox 360 then there are several accessories you must-have! This article will list 5 of my favorite accessories for Xbox 360 that you must get today. It will not only make your life easier but also make you a better gamer. Why does it make you a better gamer? Well because you are spending MORE TIME in the game instead of messing with trivial crap around you." -Amanda Dyar

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Brosy2137d ago

Pretty good list except for the headphones. I would have recommended wireless headphones instead of wired.

Mocat2137d ago

First this list just has accessories it has nothing that can make you better at gaming the only thing that will make a person better is playing the actual game second is you had those headphones you wouldn't mind the cables trust me

antz11042136d ago

I've got the x11's and those alone are pretty awesome.

TheROsingleB2136d ago

I've got this set as well. Pretty great headset, despite the miles of wires.

Septic2136d ago

I've got most of those- HD PVR, Turtle Beach X31s and rechargeable batteries.

The chat pad needs a mention: really handy and with internet explorer on the way, it'll be brilliant.

attilayavuzer2136d ago

People waste way too much money on those headsets...I feel like they dont realize how much more awesome it is to have a decent sound system.

doogiebear2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

I'd say the number one thing Xbox owners need to own is a PS3--that way they can make up for the long droughts of non-exclusive games and avoid the dreaded Kinect games M$ keeps shoving down their throats. Plus PSN is free to go online, so it saves A TON on internet fee's.

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guitarded772137d ago

Chatpad is an essential for me.

JoePrime2137d ago

Wait... I need an Energizer battery charge kit AND also Nyko battery packs? No... I think you are confused here... please revise...

KidBroSweets22137d ago

I have none of this stuff for my 360 but I have media remote and the energizer charging stand for my ps3. I also pretty much agree in entirety with these, except if you were a more casual gamer then you wouldn't really need the HD gameplay recorder.

MySwordIsHeavenly2137d ago

I would say the wireless steering wheel Microsoft created is a must-own, as well. It's a great cheap alternative to a full steering wheel.

DasTier2137d ago

Dude the black pretzel thing? That blew ass, I would have much rather had a full size one (and not one like the old white one from like 2007)

M_Prime2137d ago

i agree, the MS wheel that came with FORZA 4 was pretty awesome and made it easy to use a wheel in racing games for everyone that doesn't have the space to setup a full wheel set. and it was pretty accurate.

Euthanasia782136d ago

Agreed. That black piece of plastic is no different than holding a shoe box in ur hands and pretending its a steering wheel. Ya? What we all want is a wheel with no force feedback. Try again. Wireless wheel = major fail.

M_Prime2136d ago

to each their own.. because you know, those thumb sticks have so much force feedback..

i wonder why you have 2 bubbles.. i guess we will never know

Euthanasia782136d ago

LOL. Like I care? I'm an adult. I have real life issues to worry about. Not my bubbles on a website..LOL @ what you find important.

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The story is too old to be commented.