Copying one CD will cost you $1.5 million

The RIAA has decided that the current huge statutory damages allowed under copyright law, are not enough. It is calling for a fine of $1.5 million for every CD that is downloaded.

The call has come during a US House committee into the PRO-IP Act. It is worthwhile pointing out that Google's top copyright lawyer William Patry has already called the bill the most "outrageously gluttonous IP bill ever introduced in the US."

However the music industry seems to be pushing for more rights, longer terms of protection, draconian criminal provisions, and civil damages that bear no resemblance to the damages suffered. However the RIAA is unlikely to get its own way. Other people have testified that the current levels of fining are already obscene.

Currently you can be fined $9,000 per song when each track costs a dollar.

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Capt CHAOS3795d ago

If a team of people work hard developping something for a year or so and someone copies their work and sells it, making money from it, how much should they be fined?

I think you'll find this is an 'upto' limit, this is probably just to get around scenarios where a copier has got off lightly and actually profited from the crime.

LastDance3794d ago

Look this shouldnt be an issue. You want songs.. You pay for them .. Im sorry every1 on n4g but you cant just steal these things for free and when some1 puts out a massive fine go. "oh thats lame sh!t asss"

You have to understand that this stuff wont be around in the future ..or atleast not in good quality if theres no money for it...

It shouldnt matter what the fine is.

Bottom line is its illegal.

how would you like to work really hard for free?

Tut3794d ago

"how would you like to work really hard for free?"

I think a lot of people in the world today do work really hard for just about that, or seemingly so. =)

Edit: I didn't disagree, I just thought I would throw some hilarity out there. =)

LightofDarkness3794d ago

Captain, I don't think you understand how the record business works, or else you wouldn't have said that.

Under a record label, bands get paid for their time in the studio and get perhaps 2% of the total CD sales, if not less. The reason being that bands couldn't afford to make so many copies of a CD/tape/record on their own before the internet. The bands then make their real money buy playing gigs.

With the internet, however, bands no longer need to pay for someone to produce and distribute the music for them. This basically eliminates the need for a record label. That's why Radiohead released their album on-line.

So why all the RIAA this and DRM that, you ask? Because we have billionaires to protect ;). That's the real reason. Record labels/agents/etc are basically con artists these days. They've found a way to make obscene amounts of money off of bands and other talented people by doing very little, staking their claim on a large sum of money that was earned by the hard work and creativity of others, simply because their name is stamped on it.

This same argument goes for games/pc applications. Take this analogy: a plumber comes to your house and installs a toilet seat. You have to pay for the plumbers labour, but he then demands that you pay a license fee for everyone who plans to use the toilet. Ridiculous, right? That's what these people are doing. Software devs only (and should only) get paid for the amount of work they put into the project. Same with musicians and actors. After that, people should be able to download/share as they please (even with just a nominal, tiny fee of like a dollar for bandwidth). And the fact that these people want to sue you for money that they didn't earn and wouldn't have even earned in the first place if you bought it legally is absurd, outrageous and down right despicable.

kaomakk3794d ago

Whaaa!?? There are people who think 1.5 million ok!!?? Err, proportional perhaps. Corporations hardly get fines like that yet it's fine for consumers? I got enough to bankrupt a small nation.

Kakkoii3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Exactly LOD.

The internet is a great place for new bands to have there music advertised across the world for free. If you make good music. People will spread that music for you all over the world with the wonders of P2P.

It's a fact that they make the most money from gigs not CD's.

Of the millions or even billions of dollars a record label earns, the fraction of it that they lose is grossly over exaggerated. Because there is no way to know how much you lost due to piracy. To truly prove how much you lost. You would first need to live in a world without piracy. And see how well that album sold. Then you would need to go back in time, and in a world where piracy is real. And then see how well it sold in that world. Other then that. It is impossible to say how much you lost.

And even if you did loose some money cause of piracy. The fact that you lost money from piracy, means it was popular enough to be downloaded that much. Which means you just got tons of free advertisement for you album. Thus probably earning that money back from it or even more. Due to more people finding out about the album.

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JohnRico3795d ago

The RIAA really needs to be disbanded or something. Come on Bush get back on peoples good side & take care of the RIAA. At least get a bunch of these morons fired & replaced with decent people.

power0919993795d ago

I don't mind what the RIAA does. I understand they are protecting music artists, and what not.

My issue is WHY not just fine the person the COST of the song? Where do they justify $10,000 per song?? Seriously?

Now they want 1.5 million per CD?

What? 2% of the population only has 1 CD in their collection?

In other words... Mr. X has downloaded 30 cd's on his computer. The RIAA hunts him down like a dog, bring him to court and fine him $45,000,000.00 .... really?

I hate the RIAA. Something needs to be done about them.

clownfacemcgee3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The RIAA is made up of nothing more than self-interested lawyers. Their DRM's are insanely restrictive and the DMCA makes it illegal to make software designed to remove the DRM's. That's why I avoid buying CD's and downloading from Itunes. Why should I buy an album that I don't even have the rights to? I wish everyone would do the same and drive those greedy idiots out of business.

actas1233795d ago

The RIAA is controlled by a bunch of greedy lawyers. They only care about cash, they don't mind destroying someones future and family for a couple of songs. They actually like more people to download illegal songs because that is how they stay in business. The sad thing is how Congress reacts to RIAA..
However, this should show people that Congress is a bunch of corrupt politicians that feed on bribes from big corporations..

ZombiesNJ3795d ago

This is why I don't listen to music anymore. Anything on the radio is now garbage and I think the quality of new music being produced isn't what it used to be.

Mercutio3795d ago

the 90's is where its at...

InMyOpinion3795d ago

Artists nowadays just rehash old songs to earn a quick buck.

Sample an 80's dance tune and add a simple modern beat to it. Done.

Or you could do like Kanye West and borrow a complete song from Daft Punk and just add some P Diddy style retard-rap to it.

kewlkat0073794d ago


80's had the best

Music Songs
Music Videos
Video Games took off

90's was Ok then towards the end "In sync" and all them groups started to kill it. Now we have today and the RIAA.

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