In-Depth Preview: Metro Last Light | Only Single Player

When 4A Games and THQ released Metro 2033 back in early 2010, they weren’t betting that it would turn out to be a surprise hit and spawn a dedicated following. As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened. The game proved to be the start of what could become a very successful IP, prompting the development of a sequel that would receive more attention and, consequently, be even better. Metro: Last Light is that sequel, and it’s riding on a newfound wave of confidence from both its publisher and developer. Today, we’ll be recapping at all the major info released about the game so far. Get ready to descend into this preview.

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Hazmat132286d ago

i can not wait for this game i was hayped up for LastOfUs but this is my most wanted game of ever! single player is where its at!

TedCruzsTaint2286d ago

This and Bioshock has me very excited for 2013.

kingduqc2286d ago

Looks so good, fun to play, good story and atmosphere. Man this game has it all.