How Ouya Changes The Game

It looks like we have another competitor in the console market.

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MultiConsoleGamer2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Ouya doesn't change anything. You can already play Android based games on your TV.

zeal0us2285d ago

Seeing as they got 8.6mil instead 950k they should up the specs.

32gb or 64gb of storage
USB 3.0
2gb of ram
High-end Exynos or Snapdragon S4 chip.

I would say get a Tegra 4 chip but since its slated for Q1 2013 and the Ouya is shipping out in March. Ouya would have to be delay unless Nvidia give the company the chip at the end of this year. Which I doubt would happen.

WildArmed2285d ago

Well regardless of how much they raised, I don't think they'll up the specs as it'll increase the price of the product.

And it may not be such a attractive piece of product if they up the specs while also upping the cost to 200/300$.