Sony Pretty Much Rocked The Vita At Gamescom

Dan Seitz writes: It’s no secret that I’ve been down on the Vita. And apparently Sony has listened because its Gamescom press conference was pretty much “Yeah, we’re going to make this thing utterly bitchin’”.

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Protagonist1949d ago

"Sony Pretty Much Rocked The Vita At Gamescom"


tachy0n1949d ago

a better version of your comment:

sikbeta1949d ago

More like finally giving some love to the Vita, not complaining though, really good conference...

guitarded771949d ago

Sony had a great GamesCom... even better than E3 IMO. I haven't seen one PSV is "doomed" article since their press conference. Super pumped for Tearaway and cross console purchases. Oh, and that whole PS One Classics thing. Haters be damned.

ziggurcat1949d ago

"I haven't seen one PSV is "doomed" article since their press conference."

wait a day or two, they'll pop up sooner or later...

iforgotmylogin1949d ago

the vita is dead.
it has so much more to do if it expects to be a contender
in the future.

tachy0n1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

it is so dead after just a couple months of release just like the ps3 /sarcasm

Nimblest-Assassin1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

My comment is marked down for trolling.... huh

Anyone want to tell me what I did wrong?

DarkTower8051949d ago

Piss off a mod or someone with multiple accounts lol?

BitbyDeath1949d ago

Probably your last line 'Flame on fanboy'

Should not poke the bear

tarbis1949d ago

Mods here are all Sony haters. You'll just have to live with it.

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KingOptimusOrigin1111949d ago

No surprise this is coming from a Pokemon Nintendo fanboy.

Blastoise1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Shame on you disgracing us Pokemon fans.

Seriously though Sony in general pretty much rocked at gamescom. Cool new downloadable titles and PS3 IP's, and they finally upped their game with showcasing the Vita's stuff. Good times

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ShadowKingx1949d ago

They can rock all they want, I’m still not buying one yet. PS Vita is so close to a price drop i can smell it.

guitarded771949d ago

Nah... that was just me... I farted.

Seriously, I this holiday we'll see the AC and CoD bundles at $250 and a base Vita on its own for $200.

DivineAssault 1949d ago

R u really waiting to buy a vita just to save a nickel? i bet if u did buy it, u would feel the money was well spent.. The moment i turned it on to set up the language & all other settings for it i knew right away that it was special & will get the attention it deserves.. I laugh when ppl say its going to die

ShadowKingx1948d ago

To answer your question Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. The vita is not doing too good in sales right now. that why sony mostly talked about it at E3 and Gamescon. Not to mention they are not really a lot of games that i like out for it yet. So yes i will wait for the PS vita to drop in price. Because 9 times out of 10 its coming.

Another note, i would buy a PS3 before a vita for that price anyway.

DivineAssault 1948d ago

i see your point.. Sony is most likely going to drop the prices on memory before the system tho.. Thats the only problem i have with it is the memory being so expensive.. The system is worth more than the $250 so that might not drop for a very long time..

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