PlayStation Mobile SDK To Incorporate Trophies and Leaderboards

While Sony’s trophy system has been reserved only for PS3 and PS Vita efforts thus far, the company reportedly plans on opening up the API to access these features from any PlayStation-certified device, such as mobile phones like the Xperia Play.

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Agheil1948d ago

Trophy fiends will never see daylight now that so many games will support trophies.....

Krimmson1948d ago

Android trophies?
Mother of God...

daggertoes831948d ago

If you don't like trophies then when a trophy pops up you will be like whatever. If you love trophies and there aren't any maybe you want buy the game. It's easy to see why trophies are the future.

TheGamingArt1948d ago

I'll use their dev kit if this is true. ... (sucking up their C# horribleness)

Shikoro1947d ago

I can see why they went with C#, but C/C++ would have ultimately been the best choice.

TheGamingArt1947d ago

C/C++ would have been a heaven send :(. It was noted numerous times that they used C# to restrict full memory access. (damn lack of pointers...)

Shikoro1946d ago

Haha, yeah, that sucks. If you don't have the whole memory space at your disposal for fine-tuning and low-level access, then effectiveness goes out of the window. They said, however, that they might support C++ later so here's hoping to that. :)

The most important thing now is, that it gets as many apps as it can get because that's what people are longing for.

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