Your iPhone Can't Do This -'Tearaway' Could Paper Over Sony's PS Vita Woes

Forbes, Erik Kain- "I’ve never really been a “fan” of any one console or console manufacturer, but the creativity on display at Sony’s GamesCom presentation is impossible to deny.

As I mentioned earlier, Sony has seen struggling PS Vita sales. Few third party developers have leaped onto the Vita boat, and not many people are quite aware of the Vita’s full array of possibilities. Why buy a Vita when your smartphone plays much cheaper games, after all? Well, Tearaway may provide an answer to that question."

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TheLastGuardian2230d ago

I can't wait to play Tearaway.

TBM2230d ago

Tearaway looked absolutely BRILLIANT i don't know if there could have been another developer out there who could have come up with something like this.

i hope this game will encourage other first party studios to work on the system, and come up with something as creative as this game.

off topic
does anyone here know of the usa show called necessary roughness? last nights episode showcase Starhawk multiplayer, and gaming.

portal_22230d ago

It's a beautiful looking game with tons of charm. Mm are such talented devs IMO.

FragGen2229d ago

Media Molecule is BRILLIANT. And Sony were smart to buy them.

Xperia_ion2230d ago

It was my favorite game of the whole show.

NukaCola2230d ago

Favorite Vita title for sure. I think it's tied with Puppeteer as the Game of the Show for me. Tough call there.

I have to say MM has some of the best taste in music. Tearway's trailer tunes are awesome as ever.

Also, I wonder if they have cut a soundtrack for their LittleBigPlanet games.

BitbyDeath2230d ago

Until Dawn was my game of the show.

Hicken2230d ago

Simply a brilliant looking title. can't wait to get my fingers on it... and in it.

Pun intended...?

Fyflin2230d ago

Exactly the kind of game I was hoping to see on the Vita. It looks so cool, and it's a completely unique Vita experience (not a sequel or spin off to one of the PS3s big guns).

Really hope it turns out as brilliant as it looks.

George Sears2230d ago

Overall, I am satisfied on what Sony has showed to us Vita owners on this convention.

Tbh, I haven't used my Vita in the last month. But next month things will finally change for good.

Xperia_ion2230d ago

Get sound and shapes, it's very good.

Snookies122230d ago

Agreed there, Sound Shapes is pretty awesome. :]

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The story is too old to be commented.