Fenrir in ICO 3?

The latest idea comes from member Twilight_Fenrir, who suggests that what we're seeing in that image might be in fact a reference to an ancient Norse legend - that of Fenrir.

Twilight_Fenrir says: "I was looking at that new picture... and one idea immediately leapt out at me... And that is how much this image reminded me of Fenrir, or, the Fenris Wolf..."

Fenrir was a giant wolf that for a very long time, like Twilight says, was bound by a chain on the Island of Lyngvi.

Now, what's really curious is a little detail found on the Wikipedia article, which has similarities to what we're seeing in the shot.

"When the Æsir saw that the Wolf was fully bound, they took the chain that was fast to the fetter, and which is called Gelgja 'Thin', and passed it through a great rock-it is called Gjöll 'Scream'-and fixed the rock deep down into the earth. Then they took a great stone and drove it yet deeper into the earth-it was called Thviti-and used the stone for a fastening-pin. The Wolf gaped terribly, and thrashed about and strove to bite them; they thrust into his mouth a certain sword: the guards caught in his lower jaw, and the point in the upper; that is his gag. He howls hideously, and slaver runs out of his mouth: that is the river called Ván 'Hope'; there he lies till the Twilight of the Gods." (as translated by Arthur G. Brodeur)

Could that shadow at the top of the picture belong to Fenrir, or at least a giant wolf? Lots to ponder about there.

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Lord Anubis3794d ago

To me that sounds like something team ICO would do. I'm getting excited. :(

Lord Anubis3794d ago

Maybe is just my eyes but seeing the job pic again the shadow does kind of resemble that of a dog or perhaps is my enthusiasm of being a story like that, what do you guys think?

Image below

Anego Montoya FTMFW3794d ago

either way, it`s GREAT that we are starting to hear about this game.

Dog/Wolf or not, ICO3/SOTC2 is on it`s way!

Radiomorph3794d ago

Doesn't look like a giant anyway.

WilliamRLBaker3794d ago

of course its a dog easy to see and knowing team ico they will use that mythos for it...which i dont mind i loved the ico games and i love mythos stories.

TheHater3794d ago

What every the story may be. Anyone that every play anyone one of these guys games, will know it going to be Epic. That just my take on it. But this story does look really interesting.

Doctor Strange3794d ago

That does sound very Team ICO like. The only thing you can be sure off is that the game is going rock, simple as that.

ReconHope3794d ago

or is that a pic from ico?

Lord Anubis3794d ago

no it's an image of the fenrir you can find it in wikipedia.

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The story is too old to be commented.