My Unforgettable Experience With Papo & Yo

"I believe that Papo & Yo is one of those rare interactive experiences that succeed in generating player empathy through characters, their interactions, and their stories. It successfully entertains the player, but at the same time brings forth real issues that many children and even adults deal with in real life." - JTM Games

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edwineverready2229d ago

played the demo fell in love. Buying it!!

Skateboard2229d ago

I haven't played the demo. Going to get it cause of this article.

PLAYER50952229d ago

really njoyed the demo but im still on the fence whether i should get it or not.

edwineverready2229d ago

if you have plus it's only 12 dollars. Not a lot for a great game.

PLAYER50952229d ago

i dont have it anymore, but will definitely be picking this up in the near future or in a few days...still debating if i should get this, sorcery, or episodes from liberty city.

Godmars2902229d ago

Honestly not all that hot over the game knowing its background and inspiration.

sypher2229d ago

My antivirus has flagged the site up as potential malware :/ any problemss for you guys?

Godmars2902229d ago

Currently not getting any pictures.