Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks Guide

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the familiar Killstreak Reward system has been given an overhaul. Players now earn points for just about everything they do in the game, from capturing flags to earning kills. Those points are built up towards their 'scorestreak reward'. When they fulfill the required amount of points, that reward is unlocked and available for use.

Read on to check out the available Scorestreak Rewards in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and their order of use.

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Naate2284d ago

Nice! Can't wait to pwn rookies with my VTOL.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232283d ago

i cant wait to release the hounds.

Swiggins2283d ago

Hmmmm, it seems that by changing it to a score based system rather than a kill based one, it'll be much harder to earn streaks in objective based games because kills are worth less, instead you'll be forced to get out of your hidey hole and play the objective.

This is a move that should have been done years ago.

CrimsonessCross2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I know some people will probably stick to their K/D ratio elitist ways, but this is definitely a welcome change I heard about.
I would really rather have games with an objective be scored and based around THAT objective.

I will say I camp, but not to the extent of sitting in the same spot all game, unless people are stupid enough to keep coming at me. Protecting the objective or a choke point is important and kills are not something above doing that. I mostly move around tactically or carefully, not just "RUN N GUNZ!" xP

Bobertt2283d ago

you still get most of you score from kills.

VverdugovV2283d ago

Depends on the game mode. If your playing TDM, kills are worth 100 points but if your playing Domination they're worth 25 points. If scorestreak (dogs for example) requires 1275 points to be able to use it, you'll need around 13 kills in TDM to get it. On domination, it will take you 51 kills IF you only camp and don't capture some flags. What I'm curious about is how much will this affect Search and Destroy if kills are worth like 500 points. That would mean that with 3 kills you can call in the dogs.

Swiggins2283d ago

I hadn't consitered S&D, but you're right, the heavy amounts of points dolled out would have you streaks with just a couple of kills and a plant.

Maybe they'll scale in certain modes, 1275 in TDM/Domination, 5000 in S&D?

Bobertt2283d ago

I don't know what setup i'll use. They sound cool tho, if you have a good team or one teammate to watch your back the death machine will be unstoppable.
Hellstorm missile
Death machine
Escort Drone or Warthog or VTOL Warship

jetlian2283d ago

I wonder if shooting down stuff still gives that 300 pts and what not.