Tons Of Sony PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Games Get Price Cuts From Amazon

We reported last week that a whole bunch of PS3 and PS Vita games were getting price drops this week, but currently, is the only place that has dropped the price of every single one of those games.

- Trendy Gamers

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Relientk772191d ago

Omg I dont even know where to start

Twisted Metal, give me that game

BringingTheThunder2190d ago

you might get lucky and get one with twisted metal black

BringingTheThunder2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

jak and daxter collection for $20 is a steal

BringingTheThunder2191d ago

wow, 4 disagrees. how is 3 games for $20 not a good deal?

TrendyGamers2190d ago

It really is a good deal. I bought it for $40 and was really happy with it.

VideoGameJimmy2190d ago

I got it for $27 on Amazon but I didn't disagree with you haha

Euthanasia782190d ago

ppl disagree just because they can. Its the internet. Anonymous hate is rampant here.

miyamoto2189d ago

i haven't played any ps2 jak game but its very tempting just because Sonic the Hedgehog level designer was there. and it was an evolution of Crash Bandicoot to Uncharted.

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TooTall192190d ago

I haven't played any of the Jak and daxter games. I might start with those.

Logan8322191d ago

$19.99 for GT5 with all the add-on's. Amazing.

Snookies122190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

I JUST F-ing bought it NEW at Gamestop for
$40 ONE day before this!! ARGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! D:

Side note: Great game though, frustrating as hell trying to get gold on license tests however lol.

Angels37852190d ago

I just platinumed that game (Yea after 2 years) and OMG....soooo many hours of near serial killer frustration. I swear to god that game drove me insane trying to do everything.

Snookies122190d ago

@angels3785 - I'll bet! Gran Turismo games have always been crazy hard to get most if not all stuff on them. Definitely an accomplishment you should wear proudly.

TrendyGamers2190d ago

Do they do any sort of price protection?

Snookies122190d ago

@TrendyGamers - I really wish they did. It's alright though, I may have paid a little extra for it but it's such a great game I don't mind all too much lol.

PJF_Josh2190d ago

Just buy it again from Amazon & when that copy arrives, return it to Gamestop.

Snookies122190d ago

@PJF_Josh - The whole thing is, once you open a sealed new game you bought from Gamestop, you can't return it... :\

PJF_Josh2188d ago

I think you understand now, the idea is to return the sealed copy from Amazon to Gamestop. I've done this many times with different stores to get the best price.

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Siren302190d ago

I guess if the games aren't selling then this is the best option to get rid of them

TrendyGamers2190d ago

I think they are more or less natural price drops. They've been on the market for long enough to justify the drops.

HammadTheBeast2190d ago

Not sure if.... I'm serious, I really don't.

cee7732190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

ha gt5 paid for itself before it was released
thanks to prologue over 5mill
together over 10mill

its number 1 on amazon currently on amazon

infact all these games long paid for themselves this gen or last

it has to do with sony about to release there 3packs for $30 infamous, uncharted, god of war collections

shodan742190d ago

Talk about bringing the good news! :)

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