Ghost Recon Online – Open Beta Now Live

Lead the attack, go stealth, or provide support for your squad; the choice is yours as you choose from the Assault, Recon and Specialist classes. Select from an arsenal of hi-tech Devices and weapons as you customize your Ghost to best complement your squad mates, and to meet the tactical demands of the battlefield.

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ATi_Elite2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I think this is the 5th beta i've been in this month and so far each game has been good but I have no time to play them all along with my Fav games.

I'm just gonna suck it up and give Ghost Recon Online some Game time even though I'm still getting the feel for Cryteks Warface!

I'll be glad when Aug 28th arrives. No more tough decision about what to play then. Guild Wars 2 RULES all!!