New Halo 4 Armours screens in high definition

Yesterday, IGN show us the next big change in the Halo Multiplayer, Specialisations. Today, 343 Industries unveiled some new armors in high definition. Take a look !

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Shadonic1888d ago

sexy i getting that stealth armor specialization definatly

Gamerpeanuts1888d ago

Shadonic...agree...and i love Soul Eater too.

AngelicIceDiamond1888d ago

Very beautiful, Can't wait until 343 release more suit classes.

mewhy321888d ago

This game is going to up the ante for all console game graphics, gameplay, performance, and online. 343 is a great studio and they know the Xbox 360 inside out. I am really excited about this one.

Sizzon1888d ago

Halo 4 is gonna be epic, cannot wait!

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