Launch screens revealed for Final Fantasy VII Digital PC Edition

Square Enix has revealed several new screenshots to commemorate the official launch of the “Digital PC Edition” of their classic role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII.

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Adrieono1986d ago


Summons751986d ago

should have been FF6 or 8, they are so much better than 7

richierich1986d ago

Now get off your lazy asses and remake FF7

Vortex3D1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Since remake FF VII requires remaking the entire game because of the PS1 graphics, how many will be willing to pay around $100 since most who wanted the game are fans only which means not enough buyers.

And, if you like FF VIII so much, why do the PS1 graphics bother you? Must the game be pretty to be playable?

DarkRenzokuken1986d ago

I'm hoping they release FF8 as that and FF7 were the only PC Final Fantasies before the online saga

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