Batman Arkham City 2: 5 Reasons Justice League Should Be Left Out

WC writes: It has been said that the next game in the Batman: Arkham Asylum/City series could include the Justice League in its super-powered line-up. All of this is only speculation of course at this point (perhaps even purposefully leaked to gauge the fanboy reaction), but it raises some interesting points to talk abut.

The Justice League is the DC universe’s answer to The Avengers, a group of their most powerful heroes. Some of its most popular members include Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and sometimes Batman. Despite an on-again off-again relationship with The League, The Dark Knight is one of its greatest members, and has gained their respect and is sometimes depicted as a leader. There are many instances where he fights alongside them, and sometimes even against them. Which both open up great stories for a new game, but also make me question my ability to enjoy that game.

There are many pros to having The League in the next Arkham game, but there are also many cons. Listed below are, what I think, to be the downsides.

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strange19862164d ago

I agree totally. A game featuring the Justice League could be pretty cool, but I don't think it should have anything to do with the Arkham series/continuity. Both games are dark, gritty, and just totally Batman. The other members would just feel way too out of place. Oh well, I suppose we'll see.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2164d ago

I see where you are getting at but i highly doubt Rocksteady will let us down. If this JL thing is true. I just can't see Rocksteady compromising that "feel" that made us fall in love with the Arkham games just to toss in the JL. I believe in Rocksteady. I was kinda hoping they would make a Superman game after Arkham city, much like Batman (Before the Arkham games), Superman has never really had a decent game.

Zha1tan2164d ago

Arkham is dark and gritty, please just keep it to the mature audience instead of having the justice league...all of whom suck except for the bat himself.

Snarkasaur2163d ago

How does "blasting criminals with their X-Ray vision" translate into being powerful? Is knowing what they had for lunch a big advantage?