Alleged playtester sheds light on PSN denial of Breath of Fire III

Nearly a year ago, Capcom confirmed that a PSone Classic release of Breath of Fire III on PSN was a no-go due to legal issues. Exact reasons for the denial were unclear – until now.

If a recent forum post made on the Breath of Fire fan site is to be believed, then there are a few things that held back the game’s release, including missing “TM” marks in the game’s Capcom logos, some violent content, and a brief instance of full-frontal nudity found later on.

Dragon-Tear user Feria claims to have been the one who play-tested the game and submitted a report detailing any legally-unsound portions along the way.

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jeagerjaques872167d ago

Dam sony>_< fucking lazy capcom>_<

Relientk772167d ago

Breath of Fire III is amazing

CLOUD19832167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

What bullshit is this rating organizations r all full of crap, there is nothing wrong with the game there is nothing so bad than a teen cant allowed to see teens watch movies like SAW on cinema that r full of blood & murder scenes so real that can make u puke.. get real fcking retards & give the OK already, BoF III is one of the best JRPGs I have play & more & more ppl must have the chance to experience it.

CrescentFang2167d ago

SCEA... why did you deny BoF III for the PSP... Know I could just import it, but it just doesn't make sense...

Hicken2167d ago

Legal issues are legal issues. It really sucks, because this game(and franchise, in general) is one of the few reasons I'd give Capcom my money, these days.

miyamoto2167d ago

Same thing happened with Megaman Legends 1 & 2. Even if Capcom wanted to release them on PSN legal issues kept it from coming.