Capcom explains how Resident Evil 6 will appeal to everyone

Resident Evil is going through an identity crisis.

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user54670072230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

So let me guess this straight...the guy thinks RE6 is back to what the old RE games were like and it's a horror game now, like they toned the action down from RE5 and listened to fans complaints......LOL

What a bullsh*t liar...any idiot could tell you that RE6 has no horror appeal to it whats so ever. I mean after everything they've shown us for RE6 and we all know they've shown us...A LOT, it's not a horror game anymore in fact it looks like a bigger action game then RE5. How dare they lie like this to old they think were stupid, it's insulting.

"When we looked at Resident Evil 5, we reached a great number of sales but there were comments from fans that said it was too action based, they wanted a return to the old Resident Evil,”

So instead of doing just a Leon/Ada story like RE4 and adding more horror to capture the greatness of the old games something I think RE4 needed more of, they decided to do three seperate stories, include a co-op partner still which was ONE of the MANY things people didn't like about RE5 and add big explosions, over the top action sequences, quick time events that feel out of place and characters like Helena, Jake, Piers that we don't give or won't give a crap about.

"We obviously want Resident Evil to reach the maximum number of consumers, but we’re never going to take out the heart of Resident Evil."

But you guys did...and wanted more consumers. How am I not surprized.

I could nit pick this PR bullcrap apart for hours but I'm sure other people will want to have a go.

"The first, featuring Leon S Kennedy of Resident Evil 2 and 4, is the traditional survival horror that fans have been calling out for."

Leons is NOTHING like traditional gameplay, it's basicaly what RE5 was like and Chris's sections improve on RE5s action gameplay to make it fully action like

"“You can be concerned sometimes when you go out to try and satisfy everyone that you end up satisfying no one. But I truly believe that we’re going to satisfy the largest audience than we ever have with this franchise"

No your not, your going to loose the last bunch of Old RE fans with this title...if it succeeds then it's only because it's Resident Evil.

Honestly the PR crap for this game is bugging me, I can't help but laugh my way through there interviews.

LackTrue4K2230d ago

i know this game is going to flop!!!
"quote me on this"

CLOUD19832229d ago

Unfortunately I dont think it will flop there is many blind sheep's out there that buy a game just from looking at a games name w/o any previous research, I have see a lot of those ppl in various sites saying crap like:

"I will buy it because it's a RE game there is no way to not get it because I want to have them all!"

& other such bullshit.

I hope for the best of the franchise to not make the sales Crapcom hope for that way they will get a msg from the old fans else it will be disastrous & the franchise will drift more & more far away from what it was back in the PS1 days.

dasbeer882230d ago

Pfft not me.

Looks like I flawed your statement, Capcom.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2230d ago

Capcom, you will not fool me.

Make a real RE and then we' ll talk.

No_Pantaloons2230d ago

'Capcom explains how Resident Evil 6 will appeal to everyone except core fans'

Treian2230d ago

Capcom, you have butchered the RE series into a abomination. I, and a lot of the RE fan base have moved onto Dead Space. Take my money EA.

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