Are Japanese Games Getting Worse?

With the constant change and high expectation in the game industry you begin to wonder, are Japanese games getting worse?

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3GenGames2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I kinda agree with the article, but you gotta remember. When the NES came out, Nintendo was only based in Japan. They extended it and got it released in the US when it came out of course, but it was still rocky. Nintendo games and games made in Japan were a bit better, but the game devs for America got pieces of paper with a punch of number and everything in japanese! The US devs had to basically document everything themselves and figure out how it all worked by themselves, without the basics of the system and some quirks. But they did it. And eventually, after the companies and everything got time to work on it, they produced better stuff than the average Japanese development team. Especially if you exclude Nintendo, as Nintendo basically was filled with the best talent. All in all, I think the American spirit helps produce better games. People are on time schedules when making games, but japanese devs also have a thing where they need it to work, need it to work fast, but don't need it to work well. I think unless you were with a big company who needed to produce AAA games, it showed up in your work. Capcom included, and somewhat Nintendo with SMB2 and the real SMB2. But all in all, doesn't matter. No companies will ever get the resources and risk making a good game today. But many companies made many good games for Nintendo and some programmed them amazingly well too from both sides.

baker_boi2168d ago

C'mon now...I can agree with the info about the NES code being in japanese, but, "Nintendo had all the best Talent"?

And I think you're talking about from NES AND onward. I gotta strongly disagree with you here, but save for only Link to The Past and Super Mario World, all my favorite games have come from other companies.

You might be a Nintendo fan but to bolster BS like that.

amaguli2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

"japanese devs also have a thing where they need it to work, need it to work fast, but don't need it to work well".

I agree with everything in your post except for this.

Actually, in terms of business, the Japanese are very hierarchical and take their time when making decisions because they want to release the best product they can. A Japanese company would never release a product if it doesn't work well, it goes against their sense of honor.

American companies live by the motto of better, faster, and cheaper. Which is way there are so many recalls on American products, but at the same time many innovative ideas.

In terms of gaming, this is way we see Japanese devs take forever to make a game, and by the time it arrives, the tech and gameplay seems obsolete. American devs work faster and are more streamlined when developing which also for our devs to make release more games.

However, I agree with what you said wholeheartedly, and sorry for the long post.

Euphio2168d ago

Thank you. You make a valid point as well.

3GenGames2168d ago

Nah. But I am speaking from a developers point of view. The Japanese do try to make good products, but on average the american product is more polished, but may sometimes be simpler. Look at RARE, they were american based and their games on the programming back end were just out of this world. Solar jetman and the tile mapping to ensure a sprite 0 hit to Battletoads with the raw ammount of graphical data being uploaded per frame. There was just more polish to the end code. The Japanese for the big companies made honestly better games, but it wasn't comparable to the program side. Look at SMB3. They limited it to 2 screens high for programming ease, which is perfectly fine. But could have been done better, especially with the scrolling since the right side of the screen had artifacts that they tried to hide very badly but couldn't.

The American made games usually had more polished and better game engines with how the game looks and how stable it is. But the Japanese did do good stuff too. I mean, there's evidence of laziness from both sides and great examples from both side, it's just on average. The main thing I'm talking about here is using the hardware right and correctly. The japanese accept stuff like random garbage on the screen while US developers fixed it more of the time and didn't accept it and just used the hardware better.

And to the guy above: they killed the US in talent in the beginning, they were pumping games out for a whole 2 years before. Most of the tricks and stuff NES developers learned and used were because the talent of Nintendo who also had aceess to better documents and behind the scenes info, like how to change Y scrolling mid-frame, which is done by doing bad stuff to the hardware that's not supposed to be done. I mean most Japanese devs had better talennt, but Nintendo for sure had the top of the crop, they'd had the developers for the Arcade division for years, and then that talent went over to the NES. They had the talent. But studios like Capcom and such had built up good talent too, but they didn't start out as good as Nintendo did. Nintendo had so many more years of experience, and nobody had companies focused on game development, it was mostly a 1-2 person job. Well, they changed that, and they had the tons of talent there to make it successful.

And I'm not talking out of my ass about the development of games. I'm a NES developer and have a few things written for it. But I'm just spread what I've discovered looking at how the games on the system work and what they do good and bad and what they did with the hardware. Without a doubt, Nintendo did the best over all for sure. Especially in creating new IP's and making great games around them. That's hard stuff to do.

baker_boi2168d ago

I dunno who wrote this but the view of their video game history is very distorted and skewed.

The best games on PS2 were made by Insomniac and Naughty Dog? Not only did you forget about Rockstar and EA, but you forget that 98% of all the games on the PS2 were hitting out of japanese studios.

I dunno, but some of this information seems loaded.

Lord_Sloth2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Hmm...No. They just need to stop trying to streamline things that don't need to be streamlined and westernize things that are love because they're Japanese.

As for Capcom, they just need to pay attention to their fans and stop doing things that offend them.