gamescom: Far Cry 3 is a beautiful, violent game


Far Cry 3 is easily one of the prettiest first-person shooters to date. Usually you expect dark, murky visuals, but the team at Ubisoft opted for making a lush, bright world that can easily be filled with the corpses of local inhabitants, and wild animals alike.

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BiggCMan2231d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game. Far Cry is one of those series that is completely different each time, kind of like a Final Fantasy game. This one looks to improve so much on every aspect from Far Cry 2, which was a great game with a couple of problems that really made it a pain to play. Not to mention the story which looks to be one of the best this year and next even, at least to me, I think the story looks phenomenal.

blackhammer2231d ago

I have two hopes for this:

1) None of that always-online DRM shit.

2) None of that constant driving around that had taken up a good percentage of my time in Far Cry 2.

Looks like a good, fun, and Rambo-ish adventure with guns blazing through some lovely landscapes.

ab5olut10n2231d ago

I actually liked the driving around, especially taking the boats down river. Not fast traveling or sitting through loading screens kept the game's vibe intact.

BiggCMan2231d ago

Agreed, I enjoyed the driving, didn't bother me at all. What I hated was the enemies respawning at a checkpoint each time you drove to it, and guns jamming.