Halo 4 gets Season Pass-like 'War Games Map Pass' for future DLC

XMNR: Microsoft announced details on a Season Pass-like option for Halo 4 on Wednesday called the War Games Map Pass.

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Shadonic2231d ago

im buying it for sure im not gonna get left out f maps like i did with halo 3 and reach those were dark days :(

Queasy2231d ago

The War Games Map Pass is part of the Limited Edition too. You're probably better of buying the War Games Map Pass that way if you plan on getting Halo 4 at launch.

Shadonic2231d ago

ohh crap your right just noticed that ( i need to finish reading these things) thanks.

cl19832231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

You also get Forward Onto Dawn movie with the limited

Incipio2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

So, a complete day-1 Halo 4 purchase of the full experience that is likely all contained on the disk(s) already will be 85 dollars.


Twilightx72231d ago

You're absolutely right, those 3 map packs (9 maps) are clearly already done and going through testing, and will obviously be on the game disc at launch. There's no way these maps could still be in early drawing board or design stages, remaining unfinished for several months.


KMCROC542231d ago

Getting the H4 console, plus Limited Edition H4 game just to have all the H4 goods in swift buy nov 6 seem so far off.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232231d ago

nice. that sounds like its gonna be like christmas day.

hope you enjoy it you lucky SOB :D

KMCROC542231d ago

Trust me that week has been planned for some time now, but not with out some mad changes to certain responsibility. But it will be worth it.

palaeomerus2231d ago

Gee. Suddenly I understand what the whole "$25 credit" in the Microsoft Online Store when you preorder Halo 4 was about.

dc70702231d ago

No one is forcing you to buy it.

But this is mostly gamers fault it seems like the majority are doing this and it's obviously working and selling so not surprised more publishers are picking this up and implementing it in their games. If people didn't buy it in the first place then it wouldn't happen but since people are so willing to do it what can you do things like this are going to keep happening.

AO1JMM2231d ago

So glad I am buying the Halo 4 limited edition.

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The story is too old to be commented.