Videogame Anagram Photoshops Challenge

In a strait up admittance that the idea is stolen from SomethingAwful's well known "Photoshop Phriday" they do (which are well worth checking out btw), NeoGAF has a thread started taking images and photoshopping them using the letters from the game's original name (.. "Anagram").

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Iron Man 23492d ago

Haha this article is somewhat funny,Zack The Nazi,Aware Frogs,Hoax Boner Get lol!;)

ChickeyCantor3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

LOL we should open a forum like this sort

this what my younger brother made after he played bioshock.

PacoDG3492d ago

Hahah, though not an Anagram, that is an amusing quick photoshop.

ChickeyCantor3492d ago

The power of photoshop is endless!

bootsielon3491d ago

I didn't know Panzerfaust14(88) would be willing to let his pic be shown in public