Black Ops 2 Will Make eSports Important to You


Treyarch wants more than to exist in the eSports arena -- it plans to dominate it, but not in the way you expect. Call of Duty is such a juggernaut that Black Ops II could probably brute force its way to the top with Activision marketing money and sheer numbers. With a few strokes of brilliance, though, Black Ops II involves its entire audience in the constant competitive spectacle.

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majiebeast2231d ago

If black flops 2 camper heaven becomes a esport whats next tictactoe?

grahf2231d ago

Good luck camping with all the anti-camp perks/equipement... Hell, Ghost betrays you if you stay in one spot.

FarCryLover1822231d ago

I'm not a fan of watching commentaries. I like to watch before I get games though to see if I'll like it. But no way I'd watch a COD commentary.

Veni Vidi Vici2231d ago

Why the hell would you want to watch other people playing a video game other than to see if you'd like the game?

objdadon2231d ago

My game improved tremendously by watching my matches and seeing the top dog in the lobby. You can pick up a lot of pointers, things to try and ways to play different maps.