SuperBot responds to Dante criticism in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

SuperBot Entertainment’s Daniel Maniago responds to the criticism of choosing new Dante over the original version in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. The Community Manager also revealed a few more gameplay details regarding the character.

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smashcrashbash2232d ago

Like it really matters. He could be original Dante and still be the worst fighter in the game. All that matters is that he fights a good fight

Christopher2231d ago

They shouldn't have to explain themselves, IMHO.

crxss2231d ago

based on his gameplay video he looks like he'd be the most fun to play as. i've played the game at E3 and comic-con and can't wait to play as Dante.

also you can guarantee he'll have a classic (hopefully DMC3) outfit for those who prefer the old Dante (probably as DLC).

Christopher2231d ago

Also, based on the gameplay, it looks a ton like Dante from the Dante games so far. Shouldn't that be what matters? People get so stuck on which Dante they use when in the end, they're all based on the same style of gameplay.

Sure, it would be cool to have some extra skins, but in the end it's better than not getting a good Dante character to begin with. At least IMHO.

THESONYPS32231d ago

I tested him a few weeks back for work, I found all characters to be fairly matched and seem like the chracter when you play them. You recognise there moves and motions. It depends the person but everyone will be good at a different character.

JoySticksFTW2231d ago

Look, if Battle Royale is supposed to be fan service wrapped in a great game, then this is the opposite of giving the Devil May Cry fanbase what they want.

DmC's (or whatever the new title is) new Dante, certainly does not yet have the clammering fanbase as the game is not out and there has already been plenty of negative feedback towards his character.

Adding new Dante to PSASBR is the lube - uh, er move by the suits to try to ease him into our... consciousness.

This is very apparent to some.

It does not matter how well new Dante plays, That's not the point.

While you don't have to play as him, it does sting that his spot could have went to classic Dante, who is near universally loved by Devil May Cry fans.

It's like announcing Batman is going to be in the game. But then the fans find out it's alternate reality Jason Todd under the cowl, not Bruce (or even Dick Grayson).

Or Spider-man's in the game, but it's not Peter Parker.

It doesn't affect gameplay, but you all know fans would be like wtf?!

SilentNegotiator2231d ago

Besides, it's 99.9999999999999% likely to be purely business. Capcom wants their UPCOMING game to be hyped.

Christopher2231d ago

***It does not matter how well new Dante plays, That's not the point. ***

I disagree 100% on that point.

Sevir2231d ago

Superbot should never have responded to these ungrateful kids... They've been bitching for the longest about nothing..

And its getting annoying that these vocal minority gamers Bitch about everything that isn't relevant... It's getting annoying...

DmC, AC3, RE6, Dead Space 3, PSASBR. It's its just ridiculous...

I don't care what He looks like as long as he plays well and he looks like he does and that's all that matters

Kin23g2231d ago

I'm starting to like the new Dante, suddenly.

2231d ago
sikbeta2231d ago

New Dante suck @ss, but see it this way, you'll be able to BEAT THE S#*T OUT OF HIM!... I'm pleased by that lol

ZombieNinjaPanda2231d ago

They should have to explain themselves. This is a game that is supposed to be represented by Sony's best. "ALL STARS". The classics, the characters people know and love. Instead they're choosing crap like Radec and Donte that no one knows about.

Knight_Crawler2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

"They shouldn't have to explain themselves, IMHO. "

So PS fans who have been waiting for this game since the PS2 era dont deserve to know why old Dante was not choosen.

After the back lash that Capcom recived and still is receiving for changing DAnte to a depress emo kid I think SuperBot should have expected this.

Also being a hardcore Metal GEAR fan and die hard PS owners if only Raiden is inluded in this game from the Metal Gear universe I will be buying this game from the bargain bin.

Super Bot and Sony said that this game was made for the PS fans but I am starting to slowly belive that this more of a undercover marketing game than a fan made game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I'm not a huge DMC fan so I don't necessarily care about which Dante they use, but I do feel for those that would rather have the classic Dante.

As a Crash and Spyro fan I would rather not have them in the game if they're the newer Activision versions. I want the classic PS1 versions. I don't care if they play like the PS1 versions. If you are going to make them play like the classic why not use the classic character design?

Same applies to Dante. If he plays like the Dante from the old games, then why not use Dante from the old games? Makes no sense to me unless of course this just a ploy to get people to fall in love with the new Dante which I'm sure is most likely the case.

RememberThe3572231d ago

Let me ask you this in response to your second comment; why should we buy into a game and its characters if the publishers feel free to change what we have ground to enjoy so much. I didn't just love the gameplay of Devil May Cry, I loved playing as Dante. Now, you may be fine with the changes but don't expect someone who bought into and loved drinking the koolaid to be fine when they decide to change to flavor.

Christopher2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

***So PS fans who have been waiting for this game since the PS2 era dont deserve to know why old Dante was not choosen.***

Nope. First, dreaming of a game since PS2 era has no bearing on who makes what decisions and why in the business of making games. I've been waiting since 1999 for a second Planescape: Torment game. If one suddenly gets made, that doesn't mean I suddenly become entitled to know why it doesn't match exactly to what I had hoped for.

This is SuperBot's game. They are making it the best they can to represent what they feel is a good representation of characters from Sony's former and current games. They are also making it with considerations from what third parties are allowing them.

They have nothing that they should have to tell the community other than they are making the game they believe the players will enjoy and contains a lot of what the community wants. Nothing else.

If you disagree with what they're providing, don't buy it. That's your right and about all you "deserve".

Getowned2230d ago

They'll probably have old Dante as a unlockable skin, hopefully.

JoySticksFTW2230d ago

***If you disagree with what they're providing, don't buy it. That's your right and about all you "deserve".***

Customers: "Hey, this invention you call a cheese pizza is pretty good. But maybe add pepperoni to it?"

Chef: "Don't like it, don't buy it. It's that simple."

Customers: "Uh, ok. We were under the impression that you were making it for us to enjoy. Our bad."

My goodness, what a crap world we'd live in if no one could question or object to anything.

Many improvements come about due to customer feedback.

For example, fan feedback helped put a stop to bogus changes to Cole in inFamous 2.

Customers can voice their opinions about product. That is also our right.

This is supposedly a game of PS all-stars. Is new Dante an all-star?

Classic Dante certainly is.

New Dante in this game, when he hasn't even been in his own game yet, is nonsensical and self serving.

It certainly doesn't serve the majority of Devil May Cry fans.

But hey, maybe all of the feedback the devs have been getting will nudge them to at least put a classic Dante skin in the game - though I wouldn't be surprised if it came as dlc.

phigz182230d ago


I gotta be honest, that is a pretty terrible analogy. When you get a pepperoni pizza you don't say "I want a cheese pizza. With pepperonis on it." It's a totally different kind of pizza. So the chef is right in that case. Don't want a cheese pizza? Buy a pepperoni pizza.

And I'm glad to see that the whole Dante issue seems pretty divided, finally. It's refreshing to have a change. DMC series has had four games where old Dante was present. I can't think of any other action series that has had the same character who also didn't go through any major changes. It's totally fine that people don't like him, but people saying it's a disservice to the fans... Well, I just think there are plenty of fans who don't mind seeing something new.

Look at Metal Gear. When people talk about 5, a lot of them are saying they want a different story line or era partially because we want to see some focus on other characters.

Christopher2230d ago

***Many improvements come about due to customer feedback. ***

And has nothing to do with 'deserving' anything from the developers on why they did or didn't do what you wanted. I didn't say people couldn't share their opinion, I said the developers shouldn't have to explain to customers why everything is the way it is or why they couldn't get what they want.

***Customers can voice their opinions about product. That is also our right. ***

No one said you couldn't. But, you don't deserve anything just because you can voice your opinion. And it definitely doesn't mean that the developer has to explain anything to you just because you shared your opinion.

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HebrewHammer2231d ago

I'm betting that Classic Dante will be one of his alternate costumes.

rezzah2231d ago

Very possible since there are no other known costume that this Dante can "wear".

Except! For his "devil trigger", in which his coat turns red and his hair turns white.

HebrewHammer2231d ago

Well that's just his LVL3 Super - not a costume

user54670072231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Course it matters people have been asking for a game like this for years, it finally comes and a great classic character that would of fitted in well with classic playstation icons gets thrown a side for the one no one likes

So if Spyro and Crash were in this and were the horrible Activision verions you would be fine with it.......i dont think so.

Edit below:


You dont just pick a character because of the mechanics you pick them if you like the character aswell. I wanted to play as Dante but now im not going to get that, why is this so hard to understand. Its about that nostalgia factor aswell

Smokeeye1232231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Spyro no, as he looks like someone beat his face with a shovel in Skylanders.

Crash I would be perfectly fine with his new version as it looks basically the same, (Minus some arm tattoos).

Nimblest-Assassin2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Well direct the blame at the ones who deserve it...

Blame Capcom, not superbot... all they handle is his gameplay, and from the looks of it he seems like a good playable character

Capcom owns Dante, not superbot, not sony... they choose who they get

Personally, I like the idea they are not "double dipping" IP's and rather are choosing one character per IP.

Its a fighting game in the end, and it matters how they play, not how they look

Reptile is a freaking lizard man, but people still prefer to play him rather than MK staples like scorpion

Seriously... if I was designing a fighting game, I'd be irritated that people are complaining about the look of the character, rather than the mechanics

Nimblest-Assassin2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Mike... I love Smash Bros... I love Zelda and its characters.... infact zelda is my favourite nintendo IP.... but I don't use those characters because I don't like those mechanics. I love mario, but I never play him

I never played an F-zero game, but I love playing as Captain Falcon. Never played Fire Emblem, but I enjoyed Marth

I don't force myself to play as a character I like, I play a character who I have fun playing as...

If you are telling me more people prefer playing as a cool character rather than someone they enjoy playing as... then I must be doing it wrong /s

XboxBoy2231d ago

Here you are again bitching about DMC games, geez just stop.

zgoldenlionz2231d ago

Considering there's alternate costume per order dlc and the fact that smash bros. have alternate costumes theirs a pretty good chance your going to see an old Dante skin one way or another.

2231d ago
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Mocat2231d ago

just trowing this out there
new dmc game will be pirated by lots of people

XboxBoy2231d ago

Because even skeptics want to play it yet dont want to support Capcom. Every DMC fan will end up playing it. Even Mr Cosrove

Mocat2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )


Of course why would they want to support a money hungry company like capcom.
But whats relevant isn't people that bashed on this game will end up playing it but whats relevant are those people going to pay money for this game.
And please remember that capcom have set their expectations of this game from 5 mil to 3 mil.

ConstipatedGorilla2230d ago

And I hope they all get a virus instead.

dark-hollow2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

You can make virtually any organic being a good fighter in a game.
Its not about being a good fighter or not, this game supposed to be the ultimate PlayStation fan service dripping with nostalgia. Or else what the point? Just make a new fighting IP with random dudes that "fight" really well.

With more characters revealed it seems like PlayStation : cross promotion all stars.
Don't tell me its not superbot fault for not including classic PS character due to third party developers refusing or asking for too much money from them to include the characters. We have ZERO evidence that superbot actually made the effort to include those characters but they couldn't.

What next? Lightning as FF character? Ezio from AC?random dude from COD? don't mind some third party character but only if they are included to an already HUGE rooster of iconic PlayStation characters.

I know the rooster till now is not fully revealed and I hope the reveal characters that are worthy of being a PlayStation all star character.

Christopher2231d ago

***We have ZERO evidence that superbot actually made the effort to include those characters but they couldn't. ***

You also have ZERO evidence to the contrary.

pandaboy2231d ago

I always thought that sony is the only gaming company who could mess a game like this up. The character roster so far is extremely poor, seems to be whoever is easiest to get and not whoever is most iconic. Frankly, I doubt this game will be any good.

shadow27972231d ago

"this game supposed to be the ultimate PlayStation fan service dripping with nostalgia."

Sorry, I've seen this said too many times. It's not supposed to be that. That may be part of the draw, and I'm sure it will be part of the marketing, but it's not the object of this type of game.

In the end, this type of game (Super Smash Bros., PASBR, etc.) is an advertisement wrapped in a great game. This is especially true for the third party characters. That's why they allow their characters to be used in these types of games. Capcom was never going to let them use Old Dante when they have a new version of the character coming out in a game they want to sell. Old Dante doesn't do Campcom any good.

If Lara Croft was in the game, you can bet it would be the new Lara.

That's business.

Christopher2231d ago

At the SuperBot/Capcom meeting to discuss third-party character options.

SB: Sony has had a long history with many of your characters, but we really want to use some characters that show how much we've appreciated Capcom supporting our platforms. The bonus is that it's also a great way to help put focus on your great IPs!

Capcom: Well, we've done this in the past, you know? We've got this game called Marvel vs. Capcom. Pretty popular. You got most of your guys from Street Fighter, a few people from Resident Evil, Megaman, and even a few from the Devil May Cry series.

SB: Yeah, we know, but all of those games have had a great history on the Playstation consoles. Especially Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. Before this generation, these were the games that helped to make Sony who it is today in the gamine world.

Capcom: Yeah, but, I mean, really, have you seen the sales we got on it already? Heck, we even sold an "Ultimate" edition of the game which was just our character DLC packaged in the same game.

SB: Well, is there anything we can do?

Capcom: You know, we are rebooting DmC.

SB: Yeah? You know, Dante would be a great character to have. His move sets work great in fighting games as it is.

Capcom: Yeah, we know. That's why we added him into our own fighting game.

SB: Hey, you think we could offer players the option to play as either old or new Dante?

Capcom: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Cool the jets there. We need to advertise the new guy only. We put out the old guy and that just makes it look like we made the wrong decision on the reboot. We can't have that.

SB: So, only the new Dante?

Capcom: Yeah, but you better advertise him well at a big event.

SB: How about Gamescon?

Capcom: That works. DmC is a big seller in Europe.

SB: So, you think we could do the old Dante after release? Maybe a while after the release of DmC? The fans would love it.

Capcom: We'll see, but don't hold your breath. We really are putting a lot into the reboot and we'll likley want to keep focus on the new one if the game does well.

SB: Well, at least we can get something to show support for the previous games you've put out on the Playstation consoles. I think our fans are going to love just having the option. Thanks.

Yokan2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I lol'ed when you said "the fans will love it" hahahaha more like "the fans will buy it"

Since when does Capcom have show their love to us this gen.

Christopher2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

MvC3 has been asked for for ages. That's at least something they've given us this generation. The rest? I think a lot of it falls more to the negative and not necessarily undeserved in how they've handled DLC and certain IPs.

My point is that Capcom is one of the big companies that helped to make Sony what it is and getting something is better than nothing and truly does, IMHO, show the spirit of the console's history in some regard. I know many people wish there were more first-party characters, but I'm not sure many of those would work out as well as many of the third-party options out there.

HammadTheBeast2231d ago

I felt like kicking that cocky Capcom guy in the face while I read that lol. +bubs

supremacy2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Thats a nice little story there, a little on the business side of things. Mind writing one on why they chose to go with young hehachi from the psone tekken games instead of the old one found in the newer tekken games?

I dont disagree with your analogy here, but to the fans credit i have to say its all about the nalstagia with games of this nature.

This argument can go both ways really, either go with the old pg13 dante or for business purposes go with the newport dante. Its obvious this was more of a promotional stunt than anything else really.

Well ironically but not too surprising is the fact that when a character like nariko who also happens to be another ninja theory doing Gets reveal at tgs next month most of these people wont complain at all. And they shouldn't since this is a playstation game made exclusively for playstation gamers in mind. So it is with that reasoning some of these whinners arguments carry some weight.

But like i said before the argument can go both ways when it comes to these things. Personally i would just concentrate more on first party and less on third party for the sake of pointless arguments. But if i had it my way these would be my next cast to make the list..

Dart feld-Legend of dragoon
Kat-Gravity rush
Jennifer tate-Primal
Leonard-White knight chronicle
Gabe logan-Syphon filter
Minamoto yoshitsune-Genji
Toan-Dark cloud
Emmit graves-Starhawk
Lil&Laarg-Escape plan
Rudy Roughnight-Wild arms
Nariko-Heavenly sword
Sir Dan- Medivel
Mark Hammond-Getaway
Artemis-Dark mist
Nathan hale-Resistance

Atleast thats what i would have gone with, ahh let the slot space debate begin.

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showtimefolks2231d ago

developers shouldn't have to explain them self while the game is in development. Just work on the game and make it the best possible. Most of the hate comes from MS fanboys since MS can't create something like this and Nintendo blindboys who believe just because there is SSB no one else can make a game similar to it

get over it in gaming people copy each other its a copy cat business and SSB also copied someone else they weren't the first ones to do it

DA_SHREDDER2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

keep telling yourself that, maybe you can decieve yourself?

Edit: Agreed Fina, Alucard or better yet, Simon Belmont would've been sick too

galgor2231d ago

It's Capcom. Expect the original Dante in DLC form.

mt2230d ago

it is weird many people were so in rage today people are happy with new dante !!
I guess this is the power of the media controlling people.

triplev162230d ago

No reason to hate here, Battle Royale is looking good. I think it would be cool to have the old Dante in there as a costume swap though or dare I say DLC?

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FinaLXiii2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night would be terrific to have in this game.

mynameisEvil2231d ago

I'd just like to point out that Alucard was in Castlevania 3 first. Yeah, I know it's a minor gripe, but this is how I am.

Laika2231d ago

do you play as him in 3? the whole game?

mynameisEvil2231d ago

I suppose that, when you find him, you certainly could try. However, the game is quite a bit easier if you try to switch between him and Trevor. Then again, Alucard can be cheap and fly over everything provided the have the hearts to support that.

Short answer: No, but for most of it if you do so desire.

NickTheHitman2231d ago

If it makes u feel better his level 3 super makes him look more like Original Dante. :3

NickTheHitman2231d ago

And yes I know its Devil Trigger before anyone says.

user54670072231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

They change his coat to red and his hair white.....not that big of deal

Its like they're trolling fans to be honest, its a slap to the face in a way

XboxBoy2231d ago Show
RmanX10002231d ago

I was never into DMC plain and simple. I was just playing other games at the time. But i will agree in saying that i do prefer old Dante over new. However!! I think fans need to be a bit more open. I mean, at least DmC hasnt been cancelled. *looks at the MML3 team*

Smokeeye1232231d ago

Never speak of MML3 again, I was just starting to be completely over the fact it was canceled. lol

RmanX10002230d ago

I hate it was cancelled too...

Summons752231d ago

"We understand that different people have their own favorite version of Dante."

Excuse me but the developers have no say who likes the new dante.....because in reality nobody likes the new dante. I know I refuse to play as him just like I refuse to buy that terrible new game. This really hurt my view on PASBR but so many other amazing characters cancel the one out, still day one for me

colonel1792231d ago

But developers have no say which Dante to include also!. Capcom is the one to decide which Dante they give the rights to, and since the upcoming DMC is around the corner, including him in the game is a PR move that make sense.

I personally don't have anything against the new Dante and the new game. I actually like it. The only thing I hate is that is being made with Unreal Engine 3. I hate that engine.

Other than that, they haven't done something really drastic to the game to make me understand why people hate it. They even changed the hair so it does look more natural than the emo it had when it was first revealed.

Why is anyone angry about Tomb Raider for example. They also changed Lara drastically and no one is complaining.

Please explain...

Summons752231d ago

They changed EVERYTHING about it. DMC didn't need a reboot, the character dose not have the personality that people of the original, call the character designs are terrible, the combat is so much slower and clunkier than the originals and how can they get away with an Angel mode? He is half human half demon.....nothing about angels. His guns were created in the demon world hence why they can't over heat....but what do they do now, yeah they over heat. They totally dropped the ball with it and Capcom is an even bigger idiot for giving it to a developer with 0 good games on their resume, one of which being a DMC clone that was just a flop. DmC is a shining example of why Japanese games should never be developed by a non-Japanese developer.

RyuX192231d ago

The reason people aren't against the Lara Croft reboot because it's a straight forward prequel reboot that shows her becoming the strong female protagonist people know and love. She is still Lara Croft from before just young and inexperienced.

In DmC Dante's whole attitude is completely different in the game. He is a different person entirely and could never be the OG Dante we know and love. Even Vergil is a completely different person now, he never cared about humans before.

Some will say that he will become the Vergil we know, but it will not be the same. The Vergil we know would not be doing what he is doing nor would Dante.

Also the added social commentary and making fun of the media and consumerism is annoyingly stupid and unfunny. It's what makes the game even more not like Devil May Cry.

HarryKawkReturns2231d ago

I like the new Dante and have been a fan since the first game. A new spin on the character won't hurt after Devil May Cry 4. IMO Dante(in DMC4) just seemed like a caricature of himself from DMC3. I'm not gonna knock it until I play it. If the game is terrible and Dante turns out to be the little emo brat b*tch punk people are making him out to be, THEN I will side with ya and you can say "I told ya so" a million times over.

thaking1552231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

But Devil May Cry 4 was a still a main Capcom production (was not an outsource), the blame needs to go to them because they have never pushed the story forward after Devil May cry 2. They are inadequte to actually tell Dante's story past Devil may cry 2. Devil may cry 4 had you going one way with Nero and right back the same way with Dante... Really Capcom, lazy writing and Nero's story was never progressed passed "You have demon powers" and it is just left up to us to assume how he is either a descendent of Sparda or directly a blood brother of Dante & Virgil or just Virgil's Son. It's stupid and lazy story telling from Capcom...

And with prequel after Prequel after Prequel...

It's only natural that people are going to get tired of the game saying that it is stale. If they wanted to ignore DMC 2 by all means do this but give a sequel and progress Dante's story forward. Stop making excuses and stupid reboots/prequels (Devil May Cry 3 was good but a true sequel was still wanted & needed) and move the story forward and stop introducing new characters (Nero & New Dante Cough Cough).

Also if you are going to make a prequel, they should've made a Virgil prequel. I don't think anyone would be able to complain about that one!