Loads of New PlayStation Vita Bundles Coming This Year

Sony has unveiled a list of new PlayStation Vita hardware bundles that will be hitting retailers this year.

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ThatMiamiGuy2190d ago

Well, I already have a Vita, but I kind of regret not waiting now that there are all of these bundles coming out. And for that price?!

Well, this is good for people who want a Vita this holiday season. Hopefully Sony markets them right.

iXenon2190d ago

Stil looking to buy a Vita this summer so these are PERFECT FOR ME

portal_22190d ago

Keeping the price @ 249 is a good move, assuming they are going to bundle a free 4GB(ideally 8) memory card also, then this is nice effective move as opposed to a straight forward price drop.

chrisarsenalsavart2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

totally agree with you on that one.
i think sony should have included a small memory card from day one.
even as small as 1 gig just to make sure that you can boot a game up straight out of the box(like tbey did with psp)

auen12190d ago

they took the memory cards out of the ass creed and madden bundles, so i wouldn't get my hopes up about that one.

Firebird3602190d ago

Where did you read that? Just curious because I wanted to get the assassins bundle.

auen12189d ago

if you look up the bundles on sony's site, or at amazon, they don't list it as being included anymore. they're also no longer displayed on the boxes.

Sanquine902190d ago

Memory card included and sony have them sold a second vita to me:D

CShadow2189d ago

I'm buying another Vita it seems money officially stolen.