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GotGame: Preview | Thoughts on the Madden NFL 13 Demo

GotGame: The demo for Madden NFL 13 was released on Tuesday and much to no ones surprise, everyone is rushing to get their first taste of football. First of all we downloaded the Xbox 360 version. Fans are given the choice of playing as either the Super Bowl champion New York Giants or the San Francisco 49′rs, all have been updated with the current rosters. (Madden NFL 13, Xbox 360)

allyc4t  +   832d ago
I like you said that very little has changed in the game, yet you go on a few paragraphs about all the changes.

As someone who plays Madden longer than a week after it comes out, this is the most feature rich version to come out since the original Xbox days. Real time physics, qb cadences, new passing system, ball hawking system, connected careers, new MUT stuff, commentators who sound somewhat realistic, etc. This game is going to be a huge step up over previous years.
dubt72  +   832d ago
There are a lot of unscripted moments that display the physics agent, too. After a play, an offensive lineman was backing up and tripped over a guy who was in the process of getting up and was on all fours. It was cool. Also after a play a defender was walking back to the defensive side of the line of scrimmage and actually tripped over the helmet of someone still on the ground. His arms went flailing around. I like the little things that show the physics going, even when the play is over.
Ramon3MR  +   831d ago
I'll be downloading this tonight too to check it out for myself. Have only demoed the Wii U version.
Ramon3MR  +   831d ago
I didn't write the preview btw.

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