Roundtable: Will Wii U Get The 3rd Party Support It Needs?

(GamesIndustry International) One of the keys for the Wii U will be to engender strong third-party support - a feat that has always been difficult for Nintendo platforms, where first-party dominates sales and consumers' interest. While there are plenty of Wii U announcements to come still, the third-party software shown thus far has mostly failed to impress. With Batman: Arkham City as the third-party highlight for Nintendo at E3, and more recently, EA Sports confirming that the Wii U version of Madden 13 will be missing key features that 360/PS3 versions have (including physics), it's hard to be encouraged.

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Ramon3MR2111d ago

It damn well better get it!

guitarded772111d ago

Really depends on how long Sony and MS stay with their current consoles. As long as they're around, Wii U will get the 3rd party support it needs. Nintendo needs to really build a huge install base during that time period to give third parties a reason to keep developing for Wii U when the nextbox and PS4 come around.

Morrigan-Aensland2111d ago

E3 and gamescom are telling of what Nintendo intends to do with Wii u

ABizzel12111d ago

I must say you're one of the most avid posters I've seen on here in a while Morrigan. How's the new Darkstalkers coming along?

Anywho, Nintendo's 3rd party support depends on 3 things.

1. How long developers continue to support the PS3, PSVita, and 360 after their successors are launched (mainly 360). The Wii-U is basically an upgrade to the 360 based off the rumored specs. They use similar CPU's and GPU's but the Wii-U has more powerful versions of each. So if a game comes out for Xbox 360 it shouldn't take much effort to port it over to Wii-U. So as long as the 360 gets versions / ports of next gen games then the Wii-U will as well.

2. How 3rd party games sell on the Wii-U. The majority of 3rd party games have been bombing on Nintendo platforms for what? 4 Generations now, and they have no reason to believe that things are going to change with the Wii-U unless Nintendo helps promote 3rd party games.

3. Nextbox and PS4. The Nextbox and PS4 will determine Wii U support. If these console are as powerful as the difference between the PS360 / Wii then Nintendo won't get the support. That being said the jump shouldn't be that great, but it should still be great enough where this is a possibility. If Sony and MS go with the 6770 or the 7770 as rumored then Nintendo should be fine, but anything higher and 3rd party developer won't even bother downgrading a port.

It's disappointing that the Wii-U still hasn't had a proper / exciting showing IMO, but TGS is their last chance.

yabhero2111d ago

Nintendo wasn't at gamescom... Troll harder...

nintendojunkie282110d ago

Like yabhero said before me Nintendo wasn't at gamescom...proof (as if we needed more) you're an idiot.

Sinner101GR2111d ago

Honestly....I don't think so.

I think it will have some rehashes that don't sell well and then devs will see a major risk in putting out new stuff to the console.

I'm not too eager to see Nintendo's figures....even though everything is shouting 'it will sell well.'

2111d ago
victoryscreeeeeech2111d ago

It didn't stop the Wii from getting 95 million sales

PygmelionHunter2111d ago

Not the point really, as a gamer, you should only wish for more games in your library, first, second and third party games for you. Whether the company succeeds or not shouldn't really matter that much.

Anyway, I think the Wii u is getting the third party support its older brother Wii lacked, I just hope it keeps bringing in the games for a long while.

nintendojunkie282110d ago

"Whether the company succeeds or not shouldn't really matter that much."

It should matter,if you want to keep getting those games.

2110d ago
Apex132111d ago

Frankly, if you look at Apple they are an example that 3rd parties should stop crying.

They are self contained and have done well. If Nintendo can sell hardware selling their on software then well done to them and so what? if you dont want it dont buy it but their brand and games are strong. If 3rd parties give you some crap and watered down version of a game should Ninty be held to account for polishing and giving quality?

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