Eurogamer: Warhawk: Operation Omega Dawn Review

Richard Leadbetter of Eurogamer writes, after Super Stardust HD and the astonishing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Incognito Inc's Warhawk was probably my favourite PS3 title of 2007.

However, anyone downloading Operation Omega Dawn expecting a radical improvement to the core game is in line for a disappointment, as the bottom line is that all you're getting is a new vehicle that is of limited use, and an additional gameplay arena that's nowhere near as good as any of the five levels in the original release.

Onto the much-vaunted new map then: the sinister Omega Factory - a combination of heavy industrial cityscapes combined with rocky, mountainous terrain, garnished with a foreboding night-time atmosphere. Trumpeted in Sony PR materials as the biggest Warhawk map yet, ironically that aspect of the new level also happens to be its biggest downfall. Its size and scope is so colossal that gameplay is slowed down to a crawl; even when airborne getting from A to B feels like travelling between international timezones, and as a consequence, firefights with the enemy are few and far between.

The problem with Operation: Omega Dawn is that aside from the novelty of having some new content to try out, there's really nothing here that tangibly boosts the appeal of the original release. Certainly for a title like Warhawk that's crying out for additional maps, game modes and vehicles, this expansion is deeply unsatisfying in that the fresh material is nowhere near as classy as the basic content. The release of Omega Dawn is also somewhat divisive. Premium expansion packs for online games always serve to divide the userbase into the 'haves' and 'have-nots', moreso here where the inclusion of the Dropship in older levels on servers running the expansion effectively freezes out those who don't want to pay the GBP 3.99 for the 'upgrade'.

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sonarus3763d ago

well i am a huge fan of warhawk. Anyone who asks what game to get when they buy ps3 i always say warhawk because it terms of replay value it has the highest. I still play warhawk till this day i hardly play resistance and i have pretty much stopped playin cod4 but not warhawk. Its all about the super large maps and the 16 vs 16. Deathmatch is a little boring for me but where the game shines is in CTF and in zones. Honestly there is no funner CTF than warhawk CTF. When it takes a good 6mins drive to drive from opponents base to your base with 16 enemies coming at you for their flag its hard and annoying but when you make it, its by far more satisfying. When you have convoys of jeeps protecting the flag carrier with mounted turrets shooting down warhawks that try to get too close. With headsets the teamwork is crazy. Honestly speaking CTF warhawk RULZ

Lord Anubis3762d ago

we will see if Warhawk remains king after Socom (the downloadable version) is released.

sonarus3762d ago

well whenever socom is ready to release i'll probably get it. But i doubt it will be as good as COD4 online but we will see. Would be nice 2 have fast paced online and tactical based online shooters. Hopefully socom turns out great

antoinetm3762d ago

definitely agree,
warhawk is THE game to get for the ps3 and in terms of value if far surpasses all the other games (even without solo campaign).

i d buy this game for 100$+

But its true that i dont play omega down servers so much only because Archipelago isnt part of the map rotation and its the best map of the game :)


is one hell of fun . i have never got into these games beside playing the first socom for the ps2 . But when i pop in warhawk the game is fun as hell. maybe its flying the warhawk

ALItheWISE3762d ago

Man i had the same problem dude and i called sony and complained about it and the sent me NBA 08 for my troubles. Still never fixed the problem tho i live right off Hwy 35 so my address is weird and it always says invalid. I tried so many times that eventually i dloaded it but never got charged for it. lucky me, those sony cards are out and about tho so that can be a quick fix...WARHAWK BEST MP OUT PERIOD....Get Omega dawn its awesome!!!!

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Milky3762d ago

Just watched some socom gameplay and the AK sounds amazing, I prefer the tactical/realistic gameplay of SOCOM but warhawk has planes

Anego Montoya FTMFW3762d ago

i think we just figured it out.




Anego Montoya FTMFW3762d ago

5/10 is utterly ridiculous.

that level alone is GREAT, not to mention the DROPSHIP!


this REVIEW gets a 5/10

gamesblow3762d ago

I've had this since it hit... To this day, I've never been in a drop ship... Let alone be in one. It's a joke and I agree with the score.

Snarko3762d ago

And you're sure you've been playing warhawk? You always get several chances to enter a dropship during a game. Given that you're playing on a server running maps with them ofcourse.


keeping saying its invalid , so i never got to download this map ...can someone help ? is somebody there having the same problem as i am . i try different credit cards or the same debit card i was using still no luck ...

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The story is too old to be commented.