Avengers: Battle for Earth Interview with Product Manager Jessica Crocket

GotGame: Product Manager, Jessica Crockett, is kicking butt and taking names. Watch as she demos Avengers Battle For Earth on the XBox 360. Using Kinect players have the ability to fight as their favorite Marvel characters. Need I say more? What’s cooler than that?

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mafiahajeri2192d ago

Looks so bad, even the women talking presenting the game is embarassed to play it...

Shadonic2192d ago

they havent really improved on anything from the power up heroes they just added some cinimatic actions and took off the close combat part which sucks. They could of done a bit better i guess shes playing a kinect game everyones a little embarrased when they play motion games infront of others shes being televised across the world thats millions of people who wouldent be a bit embarrased or say nervious? Game looks alright for kids though not like real gamers NEED a motion control fighting game we have like what 10 marvel vs capcoms i do miss this un released marvel fighter with a like destructible enviornment game looked awesome.

Shadonic2192d ago

tha guy needs a haircut