Gamescom: EA Takes a Giant Turd on C&C, Again

Ok, well it started out well. After we first heard of Generals 2 being announced we have to admit, we were excited. However, EA has decided that it’s best to follow in C&C 4′s direction for the now defunct Generals 2, making it everything the fans didn’t want.

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thetrugamer2190d ago

Oh EA, what are you on? No single player as well?

Goodbye c&c.

Peppino72190d ago

I love the campaign in Generals... I can't believe this is how they're going to go forward with this. Disappointing.

thetrugamer2190d ago

It sure is. It was going bad with 4 but now this is the final message to fans: "give up".

scotchmouth2190d ago

It was a good run while it lasted but has started going and evidently will be going downhill. That's too bad. This was such an iconic series over the years.

"I'm a mechanical man"

aliengmr2190d ago

Is anyone really surprised? Remember the last c&c title?

aliengmr2190d ago

Guess I found the 3 fans of Tiberian Twilight.

GiantFriendlyCrab2190d ago

the last good c&c was generals + zero hour

SkullBlade1692190d ago

One does not simply follow the already clear road to success during the development of a Command & Conquer game.

StayStatic2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Starcraft 2 : "You do not have enough minerals"

C&C : "You have not yet purchased that unit" , what good is that in an on-line battle , OH sorry you lost because you didn't whip out your credit card fast enough while your opponent macroed you to death.

Wish they would stop calling them free 2 play games tbh , Micro Transaction Play (MTP) would be more accurate.

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