“Girlfriend Mode”: Keeping the Argument Civil

Writes Michael Ridgaway: "I’m not saying there aren’t issues with sexism in the gaming community. There definitely are, and they deserve serious attention, and everyone who can engage in respectful discourse should be invited to weigh in with their opinion. This, however, is not one of those issues. Call the guy out for the “suck at first-person shooters” comment, but try to see the use of the phrase “girlfriend mode” for what it is: something that a guy used to describe the part of the game that can be shared with others instead of excluding them."

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Reverent2224d ago

Will people just let it go? I thought we were over this the last 10 articles...

josephps32224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

My girlfriend should have been a game tester because she does things that the programmers never thought anybody would do.

"Sweetie why are you going backwards? No you're not suppose to do that. How did you get stuck in there?" No that's the bad guys, why are you shooting the good guys...yeah but when I do it its on purpose."

dumahim2224d ago

Dead horse is now a pile of goo with bits of fur.

palaeomerus2224d ago

Being offended by something does not license you to be the architect and police officer of all human attitude, thought, and speech. It is not a license to shame, bully, threaten, and intimidate people you don't even know because they said something that you happen to not approve of. It doesn't. Sometimes when you are offended it is not someone else's problem. This is one of those times.