March Rock Band DLC leaked?

The March issue of OXM supposedly has the full release list of Rock Band DLC for March. All 12 rumored songs are listed, organized by the date they will be released.

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sa_nick3705d ago

NIN DLC has finally arrived... in 46 days...

nautika7213705d ago

I can only hope it's true!

Syko3705d ago

Are you F'ing kidding me?!?! March of the pigs! Holy crap that song is going to be hot to death. I hope my TV and or sliding glass door survive.

Ugly American3705d ago

While a good portion of these songs are awesome, and I have downloaded a whole bunch of the others that have been made available... I find myself looking for the entire albums that were promised before the game was released. These downloads seem very Guitar Hero-esque. Because of MTV's huge license, weren't we supposed to have entire CD's available for download? Three songs a week, with some being very hit or miss, is disappointing, and I am really hoping they open some floodgates of music soon.

Lord_Ash3705d ago

if it's true then WOW, NIN pack and Metal pack for me (i'm sure I'll buy them all anyway) but Fuel and Wrathchild in one pack it's going to be mad.

I've noticed 2 songs from the GH franchise, I remember them saying they are talking with their lawyers about getting most of the song in GH and GH2 in rock band, that would be awesome.

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