Darksiders II dev: 'Working at Vigil was a nightmare'


After being unexpectedly fired by Vigil Games and having his life in shambles due to relocating, Darksiders II UI designer Xander Davis took to Twitter when he found out that his name didn’t make the credits of the game that caused him so much misery.

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fei-hung2194d ago

I hate it when game devs or ex devs whine like this. I've been working for 14 years of my life and had various jobs ranging from office to labour work. Onething I have learnt is that there is hardly any industry out there that acknowledges the graft put in by the average joe. However, we do not complain, we get on with our jobs.

Its like footballers falling over at every other step crying their eyes out!

Perjoss2194d ago

If no one complains things just stay the same or get worse. You might be happy to spend most of your time at work but some people have hobbies and families.

There is 1 thing you will never catch anyone saying on their death bed: "I wish I had spent more time at work"

fei-hung2193d ago

Dont understand how 5 people misunderstood what i said. I was on about enjoying work or working everyday of my life. I was referring to the average person who has to work and doesnt get extra credit for his/ her contribution outside of the salary, but they go on doing their job. They dont slag of their employer.

Do you think this dev had it harder than a single mum working at a supermarket or a dad having to have 2 jobs to support his family or a young person going through university and juggling a job or 2 to keep afloat?

They dont all take to social network sites moaning about their employer do tgey?

Withdreday2194d ago

A dev trashing his former employer? Not very classy...

Gr812195d ago

His comments, I can't imagine why a company wouldn't want to keep an employee like him around. What a ray of sunshine.

HebrewHammer2195d ago

Dude, he worked on the game and didn't even make the credits. That's rough.

beerkeg2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Because he, along with his team, screwed up what he was supposed to do. If you get employed to do a job and don't do it satisfactorily, you tend to get sacked.

HebrewHammer2195d ago

I see your point, but regardless. They decided to hire him. He put in the work. They subsequently fired him.

Lot's of crap games have come out over the years, but everyone has their name in the credits. So why should his contribution to the work, albeit even if sub-par, be omitted entirely?

ronin4life2194d ago

This i not a new or recent trend in this industry. Several industry workers have been excluded from the credits in games they make, and many have been solid contributors.

Hayabusa 1172194d ago

"Lot's of crap games have come out over the years, but everyone has their name in the credits"

Oh really? So HebrewHammer, do you have a list names of everyone who has ever worked on a game? Can you match that list against the credits of every single game ever made?

I know you can't because I know people who have worked on games and not received credit, not because they got sacked, but simply because they were contracted. I know other people who were credited just because they happened to be working the week the credits went it, despite contributing virtually nothing to the game. There are probably loads of people who have not been credited.

Why do people talk about sht they have no knowledge in?

Panthers2194d ago

Why are credits required at all for games? Does anyone care about each individual game maker? These people need to get over themselves. When I buy any other product, there isnt a list of every single person involved in making that product. And that is because no one cares.

This guy needs to get over himself.

Kin23g2194d ago

You don't care about the credits, neither do I. But other developers who are looking to hire do care.

Think of it this way: you play a certain game, you like it's music, when the credits begins rolling you look for the soundtracks composer's name, you contact him and ask him if he's willing to work for you. See? credits do matter.

Kin23g2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Stupid double post.

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lonesoul652195d ago

good luck with him getting a job in the future running his mouth like that...people so quickly forget how fast the internet can make you a hero or a goat

Emilio_Estevez2195d ago

Your opinion is even more justified by the 'updates' in the article.

ChunkyLover532195d ago

This is the same idiot who said the Wii U is a $400 Xbox 360 seven years late, even though he never worked with the Wii U at all.

He just sounds really bitter.

Captain Qwark 92195d ago

indeed, ive heard a bunch of horror stories similar to this one from various friends of mine about jobs they were fired from. i sit, i listen, i nod my head and agree with them that the world is against them and the company treated them badly despite how good they were......

but in reality, i know them, i know them well, and i know that they are full of it and they suck at their job and were fired rightfully so. they are just bitter, prob the same case here. rarely does an individual who is performing well get laid off for any reason other than money

chukamachine2195d ago

The wii u is an xbox/ps3.

I haven't seen a single title from the wii-u that looks any better.

ChunkyLover532195d ago

Most devs that aren't bitter and that are working on Wii U have said that its more powerful than those consoles.

Looks like Assassins Creed 3 will run 1080p and 60fps on the Wii U.

We have to remember that early games on a new console in a console generation wont look as good as games will look a year or two down the road. I mean if you've ever played the first Saints Row on the Xbox 360, and compare it to Saints Row 3 on the Xbox 360, you'll see a drastic improvement.

yabhero2195d ago

Flash back to 2006:
Some idiot says "PS3 launch games don't look that much better that late gen Xbox games... I guess this means this is what games look for the next 5 years."
Guess that guy was wrong... And we have Uncharted and the Last of Us to prove it..
Funny... You sound just like him...

sikbeta2194d ago


I know you're joking/trolling or whatever but I'm telling you, no way it's at the same level of current gen HW, even for manufacturers, they move on to better or more optimized hardware every time, for Nintendo to ask for 7 years old parts to build a console would be just insane in the worst way possible...

WeskerChildReborned2194d ago

What do you expect? He got fired and now he's trying to troll Vigil games. Don't know why he's trolling the Wii U though.

slugg2195d ago

but way to make sure no other game company ever wants to hire you. [email protected]$$

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