Remember Me Gameplay Looks Epic, Goes Unnoticed- Bad Sign?

BNR: How did this slip the radar? It looks like Deus Ex and Mirror's Edge had a baby. Is this a bad sign for the industry?

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-MD-2166d ago

It didn't go unnoticed with me, I think it looks cool.

Bimkoblerutso2166d ago

Yeah, it's a cool looking game. It kind of seems to wear it's influences on it's shoulder, though.

Feralkitsune2166d ago

Name a recent movie, book, or game that doesn't these days. lol

Bimkoblerutso2165d ago

Whoa. Didn't mean it like that, fellas. Did you guys seriously bubble me down to three for that?

Whitefeather2166d ago

It's a Capcom game people are probably a bit skeptical.

Soldierone2166d ago

Being Capcom, I can only hope the game is already nearly done since whatever is left will be DLC lol

However it looked epic, but once it showed the actual gameplay it started slowing down. The ledge cimbing the visuals for some reason go from friggin awesome to okay for no reason.....

It still has an interesting concept so ill check it out.

doctorstrange2166d ago

It just got announced before Sony's gamescom, and therefore was buried. Poor timing, that's all.

Chitown712912166d ago

I have no idea why I thought Mirrors Edge meets Aeon Flux when I saw this..... But it seems cliche and unique at the same time.....I just need to see more of it , thats all...

Jourdy2882166d ago

In part, precisely that! Maybe it was the bit with the scape of the mind being so... White?

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The story is too old to be commented.