Black Ops 2 Create-a-Class Menu Video Revealed

GR - "Watch a video detailing the create-a-class menu system and how it works in Black Ops 2!"

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TopDudeMan2193d ago

Whether I get this or not totally depends on whether any of my friends on PC buy it. They changed enough for it to look different, but will it play different? Who knows?

GamerzElite2193d ago

COD BO:2 same Black OPS maps, rewind urself if u played BO and compare these new maps... same only killstreak is changed.... Sorry Activision you can not make me fool this time...

grahf2193d ago

If you watched the livestream at all, NONE of the maps shown are remotely similar to anything in BlOps1. The only one that will be is free.

Honestly, what are you expecting from a FPS??? How can it possibly change? All FPS play the same. You have a gun, you aim, you shoot.

What will make the franchise better? I hear bitching and moaning about CoD, but nobody has any ACTUAL ideas on how to improve it!

GamerzElite2193d ago

I don't know what u talking about? If u played whole Black ops Mp once then u can easily see it.... I am biggest fan of COD played all Cod game since their COD-1. but this time (After wasting my money on Elite) not let them robe my money.... U are free to choose go buy it and buy their elite-2 have fun I have no issue.... I am screaming cause last time they never show their upcoming game video and robe me $110. May be I buy BO-2 only for campaign and trade game.....