IGN: Japan Lines Up for Smash

IGN reports that Nintendo may just have a hit on its hands with this "Smash Brothers" game. Released in Japan earlier today, Smash Bros. got masses of consumers to line up outside of retailers prior to opening time -- a rare site for a game that isn't Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy.

Your IGN Japan headquarters near Tokyo's Shibuya train station has walkable access to two large Bic Camera outlets. While both managed lines of maybe a dozen or so for Wii Fit late last year, the scene for Smash Bros. today was far more hectic. At opening time, the larger of the two shops had at least one hundred people lined up to purchase the game from a special register that had been set up in the store front. Going up to the game section on the fourth floor, we found another 50 lined up there, most with Smash Bros. in hand.

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forum_crawler3705d ago

That is pretty cool. I wonder if this will also be the case here in North America...

zambrota3705d ago

see here especially the big line infront of DMC4 stand

also note most of the people standing in that line are not lining SOLEY for wii. They are picking up DMC4 as well and thats what FAMITSU is also saying

*** The people in those lines are buying SSMB but a lot of them are also buying DMC4

Marceles3705d ago

Wow...I wish I could import it

poos33705d ago

ofc they are jap gamers dont really have a wide variety of games

wiizy3705d ago

nice.. it doesnt get much bigger then smash bros for this year

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