Command & Conquer fans throw fit over F2P on Facebook

The announcement that the new Command & Conquer game will now be following a free to play model has not gone down well amongst fans on the game’s Facebook page. To put it mildly.

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Glitch1002232d ago

Sigh EA, why do you go for profits on the F2P model... I can accept it with SWTOR, unfortunately, however GENERALS 2? Let's hope the game features an excellent story mode, aswell, which has nothing to do with any microtransactions.

It's a shame that in todays gaming industry mega corporations like EA have the power to control such a large chunk of games and with it, turn them into F2P (microtransaction) games...

chasegarcia2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

F2p has been good to me. Played a lot of games & spend no money.