Black Ops: Declassified multiplayer impressions – shooting blanks

Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified is a second chance for Sony to show that Vita can support epic shooters. Alarm bells are already ringing in the ears of VG247′s Dave Cook.

Sounds awful.

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fastrez2167d ago

Oh dear. Only just saw that it was the Resistance Vita guys. Why the hell would Sony/Acti pick them for such a big franchise?

cpayne932167d ago

I would see cod as a very important factor in getting a lot of sales for the Vita this fall. It seems insane that Sony would let Nihilistic handle it, and the fact that we haven't seen anything until now and that they have been hiding the developers up till now are not good signs.

Still though, it doesn't matter too much to me. I want more Vitas in more people's hands so it can get more support, but I was pretty sure I wasn't getting this anyway. There's only one fps I'm interested in for Vita, and that's Killzone.

DarkHeroZX2167d ago

Actually Killzone I believe will be the Vita's defining moment in that department.

teedogg802167d ago

Yeah Killzone: Mercenary looks unbelievable!

jjb19812167d ago

Vita black ops will still sell because the cod brand sells. Thousands of kids' Christmas wish. Killzone will be much better. Guerilla Games knows their own formula. It's not being passed down to another studio.

Yangus2167d ago

This visuals......ps2 CoD better.

r212167d ago

Sounds like this guy actually liked BO on the vita....hmm gonna have to see the game being played off screen before i truly downplay this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.