Media Create hardware sales (8/6 - 8/12)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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chukamachine1923d ago

vita needs a monster hunter in japan, last game on psp sold 4.8million.

Dante1121923d ago

Dand, the PS2 outsold the 360 again. MS has a lot of work to do in Japan next gen.

darthv721923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

MS surpassed their previous xbox sell through so that is a good thing. If they surpass it again on their 3rd system then it is still a plus.

Obviously they wont sell US numbers in JP but they really dont have to. JP isnt seen as much of a relevant market like it was several years ago. It is relevant in the overall sense but we have seen a shift in development to more western and euro markets.

Even JP developers have become more western focused in their style. That is just a sign that there are bigger markets out there to cater to.

AWBrawler1922d ago


Right cos Japan is so irrelevant, and the multimillion sellers like Mario, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, DragonQuest, Kingdom Hearts, and the like are just so westernized /sarcasm

mrbojingles1923d ago

Yikes. Vita needs some help in Japan asap.

But from who I don't know because there doesn't appear to be a long term blockbuster coming only to Vita

It will be interesting to see if the Wii U sells well in Japan weeks after launch or not.

Sanquine901923d ago

Sony make tokyo game show also something special for the japanse people.. I fucking hate why the vita is lacking power in japan. Only buying the 3dsXl... I bought it 2 weeks ago and after i finished kingdom hearts it is collecting dust:(
They get dragon quest.. They get so much more JRPG :(

1923d ago
TheLyonKing1923d ago

I reckon with the right game BOOOM Vita would explode in Japan.

It just takes one game to do it ONE sony I want to see big numbers.

ozstar1922d ago

Inb4 u say Uncharted, Little Big Planet and God of War was NOT that one game.

Hicken1922d ago

In Japan?

People may buy them, but they're not really aimed at the Japanese market, so no, NONE of those titles was "that one game."

When P4 The Golden dropped- a decidedly Japanese-oriented game- sales saw a substantial increase. If an even bigger portable franchise like Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, or Kingdom Hearts(at this point, it might as well be a portable-only franchise) hits the system, you don't think sales will shoot even higher?

TheLyonKing1922d ago

In Japan my friend people don't buy those games.
You should have a research of what sells well in Japan.

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