Command and Conquer goes F2P with a new announcement trailer

Today at Gamescom, EA announced a new Command and Conquer game that’ll be Free to Play. After previously announcing Command Conquer Generals 2 late last year, EA have stated that the game has now been transformed into part of this new Free to play title, offering a full AAA strategy game free of charge.

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Wizziokid2232d ago

And like that C&C is dead

Raf1k12232d ago

I hope it's a proper free to play model like League of Legends and not a pay to win. That and having solid gameplay like the classic CnC games will keep people interested. If not then it'll be just another failed CnC game in the eyes of fans.

OneAboveAll2232d ago

So many butt-hurt people crying because the game is going to be F2P. Who cares? TF2 is F2P and it's not P2W so calm your crap.

They don't even have to give you this game. Beggars can't be choosers children.

I for one will be playing this. It looks nice.

aliengmr2231d ago

1. If Valve were in control there would probably be less complaining.

2. Because giving fans what they want is just so wrong these days.

3. Wasn't EA the ones that came up with the brilliant idea of "paying to reload your weapon"? Totally going to be like TF2. /sarcasm

EA is going to do what they always do, cash in on whats trendy, which happens to be F2P. They don't innovate, they just copy what ever system makes the most money. Then after the whole business side of things is finished they'll worry about the game actually being fun.