EA Announces Facebreaker

Electronic Arts' Fight Night games are many things -- some of the most visually-impressive titles in existence, the only boxing games that have been taken seriously in recent years, and some of EA Sports' best reviewed games.

Check out a new cartooney boxing franchise for PS3, 360 and Wii.

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ThaGeNeCySt3375d ago

I wonder when Ready 2 Rumble will be released.

Darkiewonder3375d ago

I'm going to be they know something we don't know.

Or they are going to do every types of sports with the cartoon style. Next up is Golf.

DeckUKold3375d ago

Very Fu*king stupid EA.

THE_JUDGE3374d ago

Are they totally oblivious of the fact that they are becoming a laughing stock among hardcore gamers? They should have put their money and resources toward a new Fight Night if anything.

HB-Sauce3375d ago

Ditch this idea and make me a good version of NFL Street!

gamesblow3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

Absurd at best... I guess we're not getting a good boxing game after all. Visual Concepts was working on one, but that went south it seems too.

I mean give me a break... Romeo... That doesn't sound like Don Flamenco, huh? Molitov... that's not Soda Popinski or Boris the bear huh?

What a piece a damn joke! I hate EA

Genki3374d ago

for 2K, so there's hope yet.

I haven't seen any videos yet, but the screens look nearly as good, if not as good, as FNR3.

I just hope you can be a little more mobile. I loved Fight Night, but the way you move is so sluggish, even Ali, the fastest in the game, just felt a tad sluggish.


looks like a rumble rip off .

THWIP3375d ago

EA closes down EA Chicago, dissolving the team that dev'd the Knockout Kings and Fight Night franchises...lets Kudo Tsunoda go to MS....THEN announce a brand new BOXING franchise????

Does this make sense to ANYONE?? 0_o

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