Official Box Art for Rayman Legends

Here is the official box art for Rayman Legends on Nintendo Wii U.

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Samus HD2197d ago

I personally don't like the Wii U Box art Design that much..

Shok2197d ago

Companies should really consider using some of the photoshop designs people on the internet create. They're a lot better than what the companies put out.

ChickeyCantor2197d ago

It's not like they slap a color on it and go like "This sh/t is the sh/t".

There is probably some research behind their choice.

Phil322197d ago

Really? I like it a lot. Sorry you don't. What don't you care for? The hue? The yellow line?

The banner reminds me GameCube box arts, I like the blue boxes, and I like how the Wii U boxes look nothing like Wii boxes. Maybe Nintendo has learned its lesson with the confusion between 3DS and DS games?

Blankman852197d ago

I want this on X360 too :( loved Origins. Land of the livid dead is the most gratifying level to reach and finish this gen.

Thepcz2197d ago

now we have to have blue with every game. even resident evil. it will look stupid with a big bright blue and yellow banner at the top of the case. or silent hioll. wont look so sophisticated with that primary colour shit on top.

nintendo should stick to white, grey, black... universal!

blue (the tone they went for) and yellow are childish colours

ChunkyLover532197d ago

Looks great! Its definitely a game I want to buy, loved Origins for sure.

listenkids2197d ago

Origins was reduced by like 80% in a month, in my eyes that means it sold like shit. So, who thought it'd be a great idea to go exclusive, unless it comes free with a Wii U, it won't sell well.