PS3 Game Journey Incorporated Into Cathedral Worship reports: "Last Sunday, Exeter Cathedral's clergy incorporated thatgamecompany's Journey into their evening service, letting the congregation play it and explore their relationship with God through a game. Ministers believe that games could potentially provide a "really creative way" of engaging with church-goers, and that "anything that helps people to make connections with God and express something of a response to God is worth exploring.""

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DigitalAnalog2196d ago

This is the 2nd thatgamecomany's game has been implemented in religion.

Blues Cowboy2196d ago

You're right, I think Flower was used too.

shodan742196d ago

"Exeter Cathedral previously used thatgamecompany's Flower during a service, and are keen to prove that videogames can carry deeper meanings."

How cool is that?

Blues Cowboy2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Agreed. Our medium is capable of so much more than so many people give it credit for, and it's fantastic that gaming is being increasingly explored as an art form - in the same way that music and art have also been incorporated into church services, education and beyond.

Plus, it's nice to see more mainstream pundits praising the potential of games rather than branding them as evil or corruptive.

-Gespenst-2196d ago

"Our" medium? Excuse me do you make games or do you just play them?

TheDivine2196d ago

I dont think this is a church it seems like a cult. Play a game to understand our relationship wth God? OK ...

Maybe im old school but nothing brings you closer to God except faith, prayer, scripture, exc. All this God as you understand him, all faiths lead to heaven, good deeds or hail mary's will save you, higher uderstanding stuff is crap. Its a great game and its even appropriate for the strictest of faith (ie no games or movies) to play without worry. Its beautiful but it wont bring you to a better understanding of or closer to God. Your leading people away from God if your telling these people that. I could see flower used as a background as its beautiful but idk this is odd.

Then again its catholics who also appoint a man to stand is for Christ (the pope) and have men forgive sins (only God can forgive sins). They discourage reading the bible and the scores of other false teachings and traditions of man (such as praying to saints and the virgin mary). They are straying from the simplicity of salvation (Christ crucified PERIOD) and are putting things inbetween people and God. Im just at a loss here really.

Hicken2196d ago

So you think you could not have a spiritually moving experience through a game? You think you can ONLY get closer to God in the ways YOU'VE been taught?

That, right there, is the problem with religion: the arrogance to dare believe that the way you do it is the superior approach. Nevermind that, no matter what your denomination, the system you follow was created by a fallible man or group thereof; if you think that seven billion people with seven billion different life experiences can all have the exact same way of believing, I worry for you.

It's extremely easy to see a spiritual message in Journey. It's so easy to see parallels in various religions, to see what kind of consequences doing the wrong thing will lead to. If I- someone who's anti-religion, though not anti-faith- can see these things, I'd think someone with more... conviction would be able to see it even easier.

Yet, despite yours, you can't.

No, it's that you won't. You refuse to believe it to be possible, so you WON'T see it. It's not very hard to grasp, so the fact that you don't see it is entirely your decision. Choosing not to see something like that is a shame.

paulgovan2195d ago

I was at the service with the Playstation game and I would say I had a spiritual experience. Especially when other players joined us from online.

Blacklash932195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Spirituality is a very flexible thing as I see it. It does not require established and popular ideas like religion, though they are both just as valid.

Journey is a giant inclusive allegory for life (and all it generally entails) and spirituality. It can be interpreted in a number of ways by a wide variety of religions and perspectives of faith.

And yeah the people I dislike the most in dealings with spirituality and religion are people who tell me how and how not to do it, even with things like this. Journey is an interactive illustration of stages and aspects of life and how they all lead to a type of transcendance. It's an interactive metapohor worth sharing to those interested.

Flower was also metaphorical, but that message was more overtly motivational. An illustration of gathering people for a cause and making the world better place in the face of courruption.

Blacklash932195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Very cool. I think it just goes to show videogames can tremendous and diverse efforts of creativity.

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