Who Should Write The Next Batman Game?

With the acclaimed writer of Arkham Asylum and City revealing that he has now left the hugely successful series, Dark Knight enthusiast Jacques Voller puts forward his Top 5 choices for the next game’s storyteller.

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DanJenkoFMV2233d ago

I'm not much of a superhero fan but caught up on the Dark Night trilogy recently and was very impressed. Therefore I'd say Goyer is the best bet, if they can convince him to do it.

InTheLab2233d ago

The first 4 are perfect as most of them have a long history with Batman.

Scott Snyder has done an amazing job with Batman thus far. Geoff Johns is a genius and Earth One will be Epic. Grant Morrison is just like Johns and also has a history with Batman. Bruce Timm is Dini's partner and co-created the Animated Series.

Goyer? You have got to be s***ing me. Did anyone actually pay attention to the 3 Dark Knight films? One was epic and the others were complete trash. Why go with someone that vaguely understands Batman instead of 3 actual comic book writers and the man that shaped the Batman that AC and AA were based off of?