There'll Be Over 100 PS One Games Coming To PS Vita

TSA: "Despite only really showing the boxart</strong> for a smattering of PS One titles during recent conferences, Sony's commitment to providing a wide range of old school gaming for the PS Vita goes well beyond what we'd been thinking."

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Morrigan-Aensland2228d ago

Simply amazing.

PlayStation is the future

BlaqMagiq242228d ago

The past, present and future

guitarded772228d ago

We're gonna need a bigger memory card.

Trenta272228d ago

The future? A announcement of past PS1 games is the future? The PSP has had PS1 support. Vita should have had this since the start or close to it.

Trenta272228d ago

No, I won't. I spent a ton of money on the damn thing. Nothing good as really come from it so far. Gamescon has changed my mind quite a bit, but still.

miyamoto2228d ago

"we need to execute with a lot faster speed, which means faster decision-making, faster execution. Those are the things that I’ve stressed over and over,"

Damn right Kaz.
Sony is so slow to adjust.

Kaz should unite Sony to act as one coherent laser beam to blast the competition to smithereens!

goldwyncq2228d ago

And there will come a day when it'll be over 9000

fermcr2228d ago

LOL... people are happy because of this!!! Do they like paying for the same old games over and over and over and over again ? What is this coming to ! A company sells the same game 5 or 6 times to the same costumer, and the costumer is happy because of it. LOL... Unbelievable !!!

The same game is sold to the same costumer on the PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Android and PSVita. In the future it will come to the the PSVita2, PS4, etc... etc and the same costumer will buy it again. Some people have way to much money to waste.

Kiddcarter2228d ago

You dont have to rebuy the games for vita, if you have already bought the game you just download it to your vita, no additional charge

ooquis2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

The world doesn't begin and end with you.The new generation of young people have the right to experience what we did back in the day while still playing current get over yourself. and the fact you can play psone,psvita,psp,ps2 hd remakes and ps3 ports on one handheld console its what the fuss is about.

r212228d ago

Are you talking about CoD?

MySwordIsHeavenly2228d ago

If you buy a game on your Android, you can download it to your Vita, tablet, smartphone, or PS3 and play it. You only have to buy it once.

The same goes for the PS1 games. If you buy them on PS3, you can just download them on your Vita...and off you go. :) I have about 30 PS1 games I got free from PS Plus, so this should come in handy.

avengers19782227d ago

People seem to forget how many games plus members get for free, and yeah, buy it once for PS3 and download it to Vita=Winner

GribbleGrunger2228d ago

You may not know this (and I'm hoping you keep it quiet) but SOME people haven't played all of the PS1 games, and would you believe (Again between you and me) some people haven't played ANY! I know that's a revelation but I swear it's true

fermcr2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

The new generation of gamers DON'T wont to play old games from the PS1 era... they want to play NEW games. The gamers that are purchasing these old games are gamers that have already played these games before.

With so many new games coming out, why would anybody care for PS1 games !!!

Yes i can see a lot of people buying the PSVita just to play PS1 games. /s

PersonaCat2228d ago

Hi, I'm actually 19 and PS2 was my first real gaming system. I like to go back and play old games that I was never able to experience. Same thing as people who like to go back and listen to music that was out before their time.

People may not go out and buy a vita JUST to play ps1 games, but it could be a reason. Since when is it bad to have choices?

MySwordIsHeavenly2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

I work at a used video game/dvd/blu-ray/cd store. We sell everything as far back as the Atari 2600.

Kids walk in my store every single week and buy N64, PS1, GBA, Genesis, SNES, NES, and...that one mentally challenged kid who picks through the forty Dreamcast games we have. (They rarely change.)

Kids just want to have fun. Believe me, the PS1 had some VERY fun games. Kids love it!

Most children aren't as concerned with graphics as the older generations. They just want something fun to play, like Crash, Spyro, Medievil, Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX, Legend of Dragoon, Silent Hill, or Metal Gear Solid. A good game is a good game, man. That's why Yoshi's Island and the Donkey Kong Country series still sell out every single week.

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TimeSkipLuffy2228d ago

I'd rather love to see those games getting a HD version with trophies. Adding trophies always give them more opportunity to sell more.

ABizzel12227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

HD PS1 titles.....I'm not to sure about that.

However, I wouldn't mind seeing more PS2 titles getting the HD treatment with trophy support. At this point there are so many that all you need to do is take 2 - 3 good games made by the same developer / publisher and pop them onto one disc rather than dig for trilogies.

Perfect example ICO & Shadow.

1. Kingdom Hearts
2. Final Fantasy
3. SMT
4. Persona
5. Shadow Hearts
6. Power Stone
7. Dark Cloud saga & Rouge Galaxy
8. Soul Reaver
9. Disgaea
10. Onimusha
11. Fatal Frame
12. Viewtiful Joe
13. Hitman
14. GTA
15. Primal & The Mark of Kri & The Rise of Kasai (co-op feature added)

Anything else you guys can think of?

Sanquine902228d ago

Red alert on playstation 1 ! ^^ Command and conquer the first one:D we do not need ea !

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