Sleeping Dogs Vs. GTA 4-ICEnhancer Graphics Comparison

Sleeping Dogs Vs. GTA 4-ICEnhancer Graphics Comparison

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milohighclub2229d ago

lol, how is this in anyway a fair comparison???

DoomeDx2229d ago

Its not supposed to be fair. Its just there to show the diffrence between the two. Just for fun, you know?

I remember when people compared Crysis 2 (PC) against KIllzone 3 (PS3). Everybody was being a real dick about it, while it was just meant for fun.

milohighclub2229d ago

ahhh Kk if twas intended as fun then cool, just seems like flaimbait tbh.

OneAboveAll2229d ago

Lmao, you can't be serious? Why even have the console versions on their!? That's even more laughable. How did this garbage get approved?

chukamachine2229d ago

Sleeping dogs looks better imo. Better artstyle as well.

GTA4 looks stale, it needs the mod. And it has awful handling of vehicles.