Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Games Radar Preview

When Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway looks more like Soldier of Fortune than it does Medal of Honor, you know that it's not your typical WWII shooter. Our first act was to hurl a grenade that blew one man into three: eviscerating his mid-section and blasting off his left leg at the knee. Once we'd thrown the grenade, the game decided that we weren't in any immediate danger, so it gave us a close-up of the explosion. In slow motion we could make out every little detail, including the bones protruding from each stump.

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Dr Pepper3673d ago

The preview was sounding good until they bashed it in the last couple of sentences. I'm looking forward to this game, especially using (up to) three squads (something games are lacking now, as they seem to give you less and less people to work with every time *cough* Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon *cough*).

Rattles3673d ago

but its gona get drowned in the mass of fps this year.

MK_Red3673d ago

Nice find and glad to hear the series' usual blood and gore is back. BIA was the first WW2 FPS that dared to go for an M rating while both COD and MOH were T. BIA:HH FTW!