Games that still deserve the trophy patch

The arrival of the trophies to Metal Gear Solid 4 can settle one of the great demands of the gaming community.

However, its appearance reflects the absence in other titles. Review those titles that, painfully, still do not have the precious patch, and, probably, they never will get it.

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Hellsvacancy2161d ago

COD4 doesnt, id rather they trophy patched Assassins Creed

Morrigan-Aensland2161d ago

Heavenly sword, lair, and resistance 1 deserves trophy patch

torchic2161d ago

Call of Duty 4 definitely deserves a trophy patch.

CaptainSheep2161d ago

Orange Box with trophies would be awesome.
They should give the first Naruto PS3 game some trophies too.

OllieBoy2161d ago

Siren: Blood Curse, Oblivion, and Saints Row 2